Peru Beaches
After Visiting Machu Picchu

You will be able to enjoy Peru Beaches on your trip to this Inca country looking for the famous landmarks of Cuzco and Machu Picchu Peru.  

I am sure that after visiting this wonders of the world you will want to relax and enjoy the beautiful Peruvian Beaches on the open Pacific Ocean.  We are going the present our readers with some of the best of them.

Las Pocitas Beach an exclusive Beach in Peru

Las Pocitas Beach an exclusive Beach in Peru

Las Pocitas Beach

In English “The Little Wells” is located about 3 km south of Mancora. This is a great beach on the coast of Peru very easy to reach.

The atmosphere here is a little more exclusive. The beach is quiet and not so crowded. They have beautiful houses surrounding the beach with lush vegetation. You may also find some budget accommodation or you may stay in nearby Mancora.

This is the type of beach that welcomes the tourists with all facilities of restaurants and bar s with the world renowned Peruvian Ceviche and Seafood.. The whole family will feel very welcome here.


Mancora Beach in Peru with great surfing conditions

Mancora is one of Peru Beaches with great surfing conditions

Mancora Beach

Many call this beach the “Hawaii of Peru” for its great surfing conditions. The laid back city of Mancora Peru attracts many visitors from all over during the winter months of December to March. They enjoy sunny days most of the year and the weather is ideal for going to the beach.

Puerto Inca

This beach has the form of two small bays and is a clean and calm beach ideal for families with small children. If you are into diving or fishing, you may find here all kind of facilities for these water sports.

Bahía Honoratos

This beach is on the area of Arequipa. Since this is a desert area the beach is practically virgin made of small coves with calm water. The granite cliffs surrounding the beach make it even more exotic. The sands are white and powdery.

Punta Sal Beach in Peru

Punta Sal Beach in Peru

Punta Sal

If you like Peruvian Seafood this is the place to be. This beach is excellent for diving and fishing. The white sands beach if popular for quiet swimming rather than surfing, since the waves are small and calm.

 The beach is located on the Panamericana Road between Mancora and Tumbes and sighns signal the entrance to this beach.

Bahía de Nonura

On this especially beautiful beach you may watch the dolphins playing near the shore and the turtles laying their eggs as well as many flocks of birds flying around you. In other words this beach is like a small paradise.

Peru Beaches

Colan Beach in Peru is calm and great for Family Vacations

Colan Beach in Peru is calm and great for Family Vacations

Colán Beach

Located 65 km from Piura, this is a calm beach great for swimming. Beware of the sting rays hiding under the sands when you enter the beach..

The beach is near the Iglesia San Lucás de Colán, the first church built by the Spaniards in Peru, near the town of Esmeralda Going south you will find the cozy little town of Paita, a town built by the Spaniards and as legend says this is where Bolivar spent his last days in the company of his mistress Manuela Saenz.

El Paraiso

Based on its name, this beach is a real paradise of intense sun and clear waters. Here you may want to relax on the sands, go swimming or even venture on a fishing trip.

For more information visit Peru Tourism Website

Miraflores one of Peru Beaches in Lima the Capital

Miraflores one of Peru Beaches in Lima the Capital

Beaches of Lima

Lima, the capital of Peru is nicknamed “The City of Palaces”. It has many beaches near downtown. It is ideal for those of you with business to take care in Lima and very little time to go to the beach. Here they are:

  • Playas del Sur
  • El Faraón
  • Santa Maria del Mar
  • La Isla  El Faraón.
  • El Paraíso
  • El Palmero
  • Tilca
  • Tocoy
  • Playa Chica
  • Las Salinas de
  • Ancón
  • El Silencio
  • Punta Rocas
  • Punta Hermosa and Punta Negra
  • San Bartolo
  • Santa María
  • Pucusana
  • Bujama
  • Chocaya
  • Chepeconde
  • Cerro Azul

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