Playa del Carmen Mexico
In the Mayan Riviera

Playa del Carmen Mexico is the most colorful town in the Mayan Riviera. It is located close to 70 Km south of Cancun.

You can get to Playa from Cancun on a rental car, scooter or a Taxi. It used to be a sleepy town in the 1990’s and has become a very busy one today. It is a short hop by ferry to the Island of Cozumel.

Beautiful Caribbean Beaches in Playa del Carmen

Beautiful Caribbean Beaches in Playa del Carmen

We went to Playa a few years ago on our way to Xcaret Park about 20 minutes away. An experience you shouldn't miss.

The area features white sand beaches to be enjoyed during the days while swimming and Caribbean Snorkeling while in the evening they enjoy an array of nightlife activities, ranging from the best Restaurants to Nightclubs.

On Playa del Carmen Resorts sometimes you feel you are not in Mexico. It is not like typical Mexican towns like you know from past trips.

I mean Taxco, Morelia or Veracruz. Here the influence of Europeans and Americans is very noticeable.You may find archaeologists, next to beach bums, as well as Caribbean Sports fans and plain beach goers. It is definitely a very interesting town.

Busy Fifth Avenue the heart of Playa del Carmen

Busy Fifth Avenue the heart of Playa del Carmen

Getting to Playa del Carmen Mexico

You will probably have to fly to Cancun. There are flight to Cancun from Europe, North America and many Mexican cities. From Cancun Beaches it is about 45 minutes.

If you are coming from Cozumel by ferry, your ride takes about 25 minutes on the fast ones and about 45 minutes on the slower ones. There are many ferries doing that crossing.You may come from any city in Mexico by bus, and arrive right into Playa’s downtown Central Bus Station.

Getting around

The main road is Avenida Juarez also known as Avenida Principal that leads to the ferry dock and to the Pedestrian Mall “Quinta Avenida” or Fifth Avenue. You’ll find here many hotels, stores and restaurants.

In the stores on Fifth and the side streets abound all kind of souvenirs, handcrafts and pottery from all over Mexico.At the corner of Fifth and Juarez is the Bus Station where people meet to go to Tulum, Belize or Chetumal.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Young and wild New Year's Eve in Playa del Carmen

Young and wild New Year's Eve in Playa del Carmen

The Faro

This is a lighthouse you can reach after a small stroll on the beach. It is worth a visit because you climb the staircase to the top, the view is great and it gives you a great photo opportunity.

Water Sports

The town is full of dive shops that rent the equipment for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and all kind of Water sports. Playa del Carmen Resorts provide all necessary equipment.You will find that Playa is an ideal place for that kind of sports.


This town, as I mentioned, is a mélange of nationalities, so you’ll find original Italian restaurants, real British Pubs and Spanish Cuisine. But never forget you are in “Mexico Lindo”, you’ll find the Mexican hospitality and Real Mexican Food all over town.

Snorkeling and Diving are awesome in Playa del Carmen

Snorkeling and Diving are awesome in Playa del Carmen

Without any doubt, Playa del Carmen situated on the Mayan Riviera is becoming a very Inn Place for travelers from all over the world.

I recommend this town for Family Vacations, Caribbean Weddings, as well as Romantic Getaways and as Honeymoon Destinations.

For more information visit Mexico Tourism Website

Visit Website Planet

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Map showing the location of Playa del Carmen

Map showing the location of Playa del Carmen

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