Porquerolles France
An Island with Amazing Beaches

The Island of Porquerolles France is an island in the Îles d'Hyères, Var, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, in front of the French Riviera Beaches. Its land area is 1,254 hectares and in 2004 its population was about 200.

It features beautiful beaches of golden and silver sands, crystal clear waters and a particular scent of pine trees. On summer days it is very common to see people from the mainland hop on a ferry and spend the day on the island’s beaches.

Plage D’Argent

Plage D’Argent

This family oriented beach is the most popular on the island. It is located 1 km west of the port, and is the only beach on the island with some supervision. It has the whitest sand on the island and since it is sheltered, it makes swimming ideal

The name which means silver in English, denotes the quality of the sands of a silvery color as opposed to golden.

It features facilities, and it’s maybe the only offering them. Besides sunbeds and umbrellas, it has a great restaurant open for lunch only.


Langoustier Beach

It is located on the westernmost part of the island, facing the island of Petit Langoustier and a beautiful view of the mainland and the Giens peninsula.

For those looking for quiet, this is the place, since it is 4.5 km from downtown Porquerolles, at the tip of the island. It is also popular for its waves on windy days.

Plage Notre Dame

This is a beach of golden sands and blue sea, backed by green pine and eucalyptus trees, perfect for a postcard picture.

It is a very quiet beach, because it is not easily accessible. It is not walkable from the port.

Courtade Beach

After Notre Dame, the signs direct you to this, the largest sandy beach on the island. It is about 800 meters long, bordered by pines and eucalyptus trees

After the rocks there is a second area of this beach, where the waters are shallow for about 300 meters. It is still beautiful and unspoiled.

Porquerolles France

Calanque du Brégançonnet

Calanque du Brégançonnet

Located on the south of the island, here the beaches are totally different from those sandy ones on the north. They are rocky with little inlets called “calanques”.

This one is is around a 20 minute by bicycle the village, but it is worth the effort, because once there you may find a private inlet just for yourselves.

Made of pebbles, rather than sands it is in other words, a beautiful beach to spend the day.

Map showing the location of the island of Porquerolles

Map showing the location of the island of Porquerolles

For more information visit France Tourism Website

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argent by mary bender
langoustier by remy jouan
notre dame by pqr
courtade by yyuri1989
calanque by emigdio garcia

all courtesy of wikimedia commos

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