Portugal Beaches
On the Atlantic Ocean

When you hear about Portugal Beaches, I am sure your first thought is Algarve.

The Algarve region on the south of Portugal is world known for its beaches, action, activities and nightlife.

It is visited by thousands upon thousands of tourists mainly from the rest of the European continent.

But Portugal is not only the Algarve region; it has beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Coast all the way to the border with Galicia in Spain. Let’s try to find the best of them.

Portugal Beaches

Portugal Beaches on the Algarve Region are some of the best in Europe

Algarve Region Portugal

Where the Best Portugal Beaches are located. It is a blessed area with sunshine almost year round and a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes families, couples and single alike.

We are talking about beaches, but please don’t forget that while there you may enjoy the rural areas and the beauty of the countryside.

It is a paradise for birdwatchers, hikers, walkers and of course those that come for good swimming, sunbathing and all kind of water sports.

Faro Airport in the center of the region receives flights from almost any city in the continent mainly from the UK, especially during the summer months of June to September.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha in Algarve

Portugal Beaches

• Praia do Barril

This beach is located near Tavira, near the Spanish border on the eastern side of Algarve. The sandy beaches are accompanied by shallow and tranquil waters with great for families with small children.

It is actually located on an island called Ilha da Tavira and can be accessed by crossing a small bridge from the mainland. This beach is great for long walks on its sand dunes with views to the next town of Santa Luzia and Monte Gordo near the Spanish border.

• Praia da Armona

It is located on the island of Ilha da Armona. These islands were naturally created by the big oceanic earthquake of 1755. The beach has fine gold sands in the form of dunes and the water is clear, shallow and calm. You can get there only by a ferry that leaves the port of Olhão.

The whole area is a nature reserve called Ria Formosa providing breeding grounds for many species of birds. The waters near the Mediterranean are warmer than those of the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal Beaches

Praia da Arrifana is one of the top beaches in Algarve

Praia da Arrifana is one of the top beaches in Algarve

• Praia da Arrifana

This beach is the best or one of the best in the Algarve. It is a small and spectacularly beautiful beach. It is perfect for relaxed swimming and sunbathing. It is great also for walking on the half kilometer long shoreline.

This beach is more like a secluded cove protected by cliffs. It is interesting that during summers this beach is very family oriented due to the calm and shallow waters; and at the moment the summer season ends it becomes a heaven for surfers that take advantage of the high waves coming from the ocean.

The beach is next to a small fishing village by the same name.


Boca do Inferno or Hell's Mouth Beach in Cascais Portugal

Portugal Beaches

Alentejo coast

Continuing north from Algarve is the Alentejo region with unspoiled beaches of all kinds; from those secluded and unknown to those with lots of action.

The beaches to mention in the coastal area are:

• Zambujeira do Mar
• Almograve
• Milfontes
• Porto Covo
• Santo André
• Melides
• Gale

The beaches are not only great for swimming, surfing is also important because of the nice waves on windy days. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is also greast because of the abundance of marine life near the coast.

But the area has more than beaches to offer, like the Santa Clara a Velha reservoir lake on the Mira River. You may also do fresh water canoeing on the lagoons of Melides and Santo André.The area of Alentejo is a full holiday complex.

You may horseback, ride bicycle or jeeps and just walk and walk on the Alentejo and Vicentine Coat Nature Park, and even an African Safari in Badoca Park.

Estoril Casino

This is the world renowned Estoril Casino

Portugal Beaches

Costa Sintra near the capital Lisbon

This area is near the Capital of Portugal offers the beaches used by many of the inhabitants of the capital.

• Cascais Portugal

Beautiful Cascais has become a very important area for high standard living among the Portuguese. It was once a small fishing village and has developed to what it is today.

The town center has kept its original charm and features many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops on its narrow streets.In Cascais you can still feel the roots of a fishing village at the fish auction that takes place from the colorful boats every afternoon. You may also visit the Sea Museum of Museo do Mar.

• Estoril Portugal

This is Cascais neighbor. This place has been for generations a meeting place for beautiful people among them some of the European Royals. It is world renowned for its Casino which is Europe’s Largest. The town has a friendly atmosphere.

Nazare Portugal

Nazare Portugal has kept its old time charm

Costa Prata

Costa Prata means in English Silver Coast. It is located on the center of Portugal’s coastline with beautiful beaches like:Peniche is a fishing town with a large harbor and fine seafood restaurants.

It features sandy beach called Baleal which is great for surfing; and to the west is Cabo Carvoeiro with many sea caves and panoramic views. The sandy beach of Foz do Arelho is located to the north of Peniche.

Some other Portugal beaches in Costa Prata are:

• Obidos Lagoon with sheltered beaches ideal for families with small children
• San Martinho also for families with children
• Nazare a fishing village that has kept its old charm

Costa Verde

Espinho Beach is a full holiday beach attracting thousands of visitors. It is located up north not far from the Spanish border with Galicia. What was once a small fishing village is now a full beach resorts.

Here you’ll find hotels, restaurants, beach bars and clubs. The local cuisine is mind boggling as it is in the rest of Portugal.

For more information visit Portugal Tourism Website

Albufeira Algarve

Sheraton Algarve Hotel Albufeira Algarve Region

Portugal Beaches are visited by thousands of Europeans and non Europeans alike. There is a reason for this, they are superb.

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algarve by franz vorneld
marinha by jorabe
cascais n/a
nazare by portuguese eyes
casino estoril by mathias stang

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The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

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