Puerto Rico Beaches
Among the Best in the World

Puerto Rico beaches are without a doubt one of the best beaches in the world. I am not biased, because I lived in Puerto Rico and love Puerto Rico. But the truth is the truth and many experts in beaches around the world will attest to that.

Let me start going around the island on a clockwise direction and describe some of the best beaches. We’ll start in San Juan.

Imagine living in a city, where your backyard is a tropical beach. San Juan residents are that lucky. As you move from Old San Juan eastward you will find one after another.

Condado Beach is the beach of the city of San Juan

Condado Beach is the beach of the city of San Juan

Condado Beach & Ocean Park Beach

Is the beach area of New San Juan bordering the coast from “La Playita” next to the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel, continuing with Ocean Park Beach; the sand is great and the waters are blue. Being in San Juan you are near all hotels, guest houses and restaurants.

Isla Verde Beach

Now we are in the city of Carolina. Isla Verde is a strip of several miles of great beach frequented by locals and tourists alike. It is lined with condominiums and hotels providing accommodations of all kinds of types and budgets. Here you’ll find from inexpensive Guest Houses to the luxurious El San Juan Hotel and Casino Isla Verde and Ritz Carlton Hotel and Casino Isla Verde.

Isla Verde is well known by the array of rental apartments. You can find weekly, monthly and yearly rentals in all the condominiums bordering the beach.

Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport is nearby. By the way, one of the runways runs parallel to Isla Verde Beach.

Luquillo Beach the #1 of Puerto Rico Beaches

Luquillo Beach the #1 of Puerto Rico Beaches

Luquillo Beach

Going east we pass the resort city of Riomar where the Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa Rio Grande is located. Midway to the east coast is located the beautiful beach of Luquillo.

This is by far the most famous and recognized by tourists of all Puerto Rico Beaches. Locals and tourist enjoy this beach constantly. It is ideal for family gatherings, picnics and all kind of water and sand sports.

There are some coral reefs protecting the beach from high waves. They have facilities for changing and bathrooms, plenty parking and many food stands.

Seven Seas Beach

This beach is at the northeast corner of the island near the town of Fajardo and the world famous El Conquistador Resort Fajardo.

The beach of Seven Seas has blue shallow waters ideal for snorkeling due to a great variety of colorful tropical fish, coral formations and lots of marine life. You have facilities for equipment rental for all kind of sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing and so on.

From this beach you can go on a day tour to the nearby cays of Palominos, Icacos and Palominitos. From here we can visit the islands of Vieques and Culebra.

Puerto Rico Beaches

Playa Resaca in the tiny Island of Culebra Puerto Rico

Playa Resaca in the tiny Island of Culebra Puerto Rico

Punta Santiago

We keep moving clockwise and reach the northeast town of Humacao where the sea is already the Caribbean Sea and not the Atlantic Ocean like in the north.

Punta Santiago Beach has blue Caribbean Beaches and is lined with guest houses and luxury Hotels. Here you may find all kind of food kiosks offering Puerto Rican “antojitos” made mainly from fish and seafood.

Not far from the coast is Cayo Santiago, a small cay inhabited only by monkeys. You need a special permission to visit the island, but you may sail around the island and greet the monkeys from the distance. This tour is ideal for children.

Caja de Muerto

Literally it means casket, but it has nothing to do with Funeral Services. Is just the form of that cay; it is located a few miles from the coast of Ponce, the second largest city of Puerto Rico. It is surrounded by coral reefs. This islet and its little cays of Morillito and Barberia are known for good snorkeling in its shallow waters.

Map of Puerto Rico Beaches

Map of Puerto Rico Beaches

Ballenas Beach

”Whales Beach” is near the city of Guanica. This beach is quite isolated and the weather is always dry. It is located in the area called the dry forest of Guanica, a natural habitat of birds and some sea turtles that come here to lay their eggs.

Being isolated, the natural beauty is awe inspiring. The Caribbean Sea is blue, turquoise and green and the sands are white like powder. Many locals have their homes near this beach and the other called Caña Gorda. These Guanica Beaches are frequented by locals and tourists all year round.

The area of Guanica is known historically for being the site where Columbus first landed in 1493 and where the American troops landed in 1898 at the end of the Spanish American War. Since then Puerto Rico is proudly under the American Flag.

Near the Guanica Coast you will see many little cays many of them uninhabited and unnamed, but the snorkeling around them is unparalleled, because of it shallow waters and accessible coral reefs.

Boqueron Beach on the extreme west of Puerto Rico

Boqueron Beach the west of Puerto Rico Beaches

Boqueron Beach

This is a picturesque village, full of marvelous places where to eat. I am writing and salivating as I remember the many times we traveled three hours by car from San Juan, just to enjoy the beaches of Boqueron and the incredible food.

It is located on the Boqueron Bay and the beach is more than a mile of white powdered sand and crystal blue waters shaded by palm trees and a heavy flora surrounding the bay. On a regular weekday the beach is totally yours, as the locals are working, but beware of weekends and holidays. It can be very busy. But as Puerto Rican say, there is room for everybody.

Here you’ll find all kind of services for Caribbean Sports. You may rent all kind of equipment for those sports and also for picnics and beach entertainment.

Rincon is called the Maui of the Caribbean for its surfing

Rincon is called the Maui of the Caribbean for its surfing

Rincon Puerto Rico Beaches

Rincon means corner, and it is really located in the western far corner of the island. The sunsets you’ll see from here can be compared only to places like South pacific or Hawaii. Here the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic in a channel called “Canal de la Mona” between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Its waters are rough and dangerous. This is also a passage way for whales that can be observed from the town.

Because of these waters, Rincon is called the Maui of the Caribbean. Surfing here is great, and people come from all over the world only for that.

Crash Boat Beach

Now we are in Aguadilla on the northwestern corner of the island. Here the beaches are rough for swimming. I recommend going to this beach just to watch the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The waves here may be extremely high, so it is only recommended by expert surfers.

For more information visit Puerto Rico Tourism Website

Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico brings memories to my family

Dorado Beach Puerto Rico brings memories to my family

Dorado Beach

As we approach San Juan again, this is the beach that brings me the best nostalgic memories, when my parents lived and my children were small, we used to go to Dorado Beach Hotel and spend there every single holiday weekend and enjoy the beach, the sands, the food and the family. This resort is now closed for reason I ignore.

I hope you enjoyed the Puerto Rico Beaches, as much as I enjoyed telling you about them. Don’t miss them, please.

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