Puerto Rico Surfing
The Surf Capital of the Caribbean

Welcome to Puerto Rico Surfing. This is the Surf Capital of the Caribbean, especially on the west coast of the “Island of Enchantment”

For years Puerto Rico Beaches have been famous for its surfing attracting crowds from all over the world. Some even call it “The Maui of the Caribbean” for its perfect waves.

Surfing in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Surfing in Rincón, Puerto Rico

  • Little Malibu is perfect for beginners since the waves break here.

  • Tres Palmas Reef break far from the shore. This is a great place for experienced surfers and big riders

  • Dog Man’s is one of the few west coast waves that breaks both ways.

  • Maria’s is one of the favorite waves in Rincon. A reef break with excellent shape and long rides.

  • Indicator has a point break that rides to a shallow coral reef.

  • Domes is the most consistent wave in the Rincon area.

  • Pools Beach is a small, sandy beach that’s often deserted. Reef break with some sandbars.

  • Sandy Beach with beach break that breaks both ways.

  • Parking Lot is a beach break with some reef formation. Good surf condition for all levels of surfers.

  • Antonio’s is a combination of beach break and reef break. Wave breaks away from the shore allowing long and smooth rides at high tide.

Surf Spots in Aguada and Aguadilla

Surf Spots in Aguada and Aguadilla

Aguada has a few surf spots, mainly beach breaks that are excellent for beginners.

  • Bridges has fast waves that barrels under the right conditions.

  • Gas Chambers, does not break consistently but when it does experienced surfers go wild.

  • Crash Boat Surfing Spot in Aguadilla id an awesome swimming beach when it’s flat, but when this beach break is going off many surfers consider it one of the best waves in the area.

  • Wilderness Surf Break in Aguadilla is a powerful reef break that can get crowded on good days.

  • Ruins Surf Break in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is an excellent option when Wilderness is crowded.

  • Surfer's Beach in Aguadilla, has a very consistent and fun break.

  • Table Top Surf Break in Aguadilla in front of a rocky formation and peels into Surfer’s Beach.

  • Jobos Beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico, where you can surf several other breaks.

  • Middles Surf Break in Isabela, is located on a sharp reef, this is a fast wave that can be hollow with the right wind and right tide.

Puerto Rico Surfing

Surfing in San Juan and the northern coast

Surfing in San Juan and the northern coast

  • Playa Aviones in Loiza, Carolina, is the place of the more consistent waves on the island.

  • La Islita, Isla Verde will provide the perfect conditions for adventures for an entire visiting family.

  • Kikita Dorado, is called the "Paradise of Puerto Rico" for a reason, and this beach lets you understand why that is.

  • Cerro Gordo, Vega Alta is not only a public beach, but a private beach, as well as a part of a national forest.

  • Boca del Cibuco, Vega Baja, with massive waves and deep waters.

  • Los Tubos, Manatí, offers medium-to-high swells on an average day.

  • La Marginal Arecibo, is home to the greatest waves in the island; it wasn't a coincidence that it was the host site to the Puerto Rico Triple Crown event.

  • Playa Caza y Pesca, Arecibo, has decent sizable waves surrounded by historical structures.

Surfing in the South of Puerto Rico

Surfing in the South of Puerto Rico

  • El Marullo Inches beach is a different type of beach for the Caribbean that gives way to some of the best waves in the south.

  • La Parguera, Lajas with winds ranging between 15 and 20 knots, it's also the perfect place for windsurfing.
Puerto Rico Surfing Map

Puerto Rico Surfing Map

Please visit the Association for Professional Surfing of Puerto Rico

images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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