Romania Beaches
On the Black Sea

Romania Beaches on the Black Sea have been famous through the centuries and a meeting place of many Eastern Europeans looking an access to the sea.

The Black Sea Beaches of Romania are blessed with magnificent sands and clear waters like its neighbor to the south Bulgaria.  The climate is mild, thus allowing many months of beach weather to enjoy them.

White sand Venus Beach on the Black Sea Romania

White sand Venus Beach on the Black Sea Romania

An important Eastern European Country

Romania is an important Eastern European Country bordering the Black Sea. Its neighbors are Bulgaria on the south; Moldova and Ukraine on the north; Hungary and Serbia on the west.

Its area is approximately 238,500 sq km and the population is close to 22 million; the Capital of Romania is Bucharest; the official language is Romanian besides that Hungarian and German are widely spoken.

Romania Beaches

One of the Beaches of Constanta on the Black Sea in Romania

One of the Beaches of Constanta on the Black Sea in Romania

Romania Beaches

• Constanta Romania

Constanta, pronounced Constantza, is the capital city of this region. This is one of Romania’s most important cities and its history goes back to the 6th and 7th centuries BC when the Greek s built the city of Tomis, site of the present city of Constanta.

During the Roman rule Tomis was rebuilt by Constantine the Great of the Eastern Roman Empire with his capital in Constantinople, the former name of today’s Istanbul. He renamed the city Constantiana in his honor. This is the base of the present name of the city.

The Aquarium of Constanta is a delight for children admiring the fish of the Black Sea as well as the Dolphinarium with their playful dolphins.

The Casino is one more landmark of Constanta, was built in 1909 in an Art Nouveau style in Romania. It is the only remaining building with this style in the country.

Two beaches are important in Constanta, Modern Beach next to the port and Trei Papuci Beach in the northern part of the city, closer to Mamaia. If you are looking for shopping and entertainment, the famous Tomis Boulevard has it all including theaters and movies.

For more information go to Romania Tourism

Mamaia Romania

The beaches of Mamaia Romania

• Mamaia

Located 220 km of Bucharest this resort is northeast of Constanta on a strip of 8 Km long, about 5 miles by 300 meters, about 328 yards, wide with the Black Sea to the east and Lake Siutghiol to the west.

It is known as Romania’s most popular beach resort mostly frequented during summers when the temperatures range 25 to 30 degrees Celsius equivalents to 78-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Eforie Nord

This is a renowned spa open year round on a stretch of land next to the Black Sea about 14 km south of Constanta. I is situated next to Techirghiol Lake which provides a special mud used, together with the salty waters, in the treatment of rheumatism and gynecological, dermatological, metabolic and nutritional disorders.

Besides being a Spa it is also a beach resort with a wide strip of sandy beaches leading to the northern section where you’ll find a high cliff with a promenade featuring many restaurants and bars.

Beach of Costinesti

The Beach of Costinesti near Constanta in Romania

Romania Beaches

• Costinesti

This is a long stretch of sandy beach very popular with the young crowd which brings their special atmosphere to these shores during the summer months.

This beach is oriented to the east and benefit from sunshine for longer periods during the longs days of summer. It is an inexpensive area among Romania Beaches.

• Neptun and Olimp Resorts

These one next to another are located near two sweet water lakes and a lush forest. During the Ceausescu regime it was used by the privileged members of his party. Today you may still see the dictator’s residence.

The beaches and the area of Neptun and Olimp are awesome with an array of sports grounds and many restaurants, clubs and taverns and a great nightlife ambiance.

mangalia romania

The Beach of Mangalia, a spa resort close to the Bulgarian border

• Mangalia

This spa resort is located 44 km from Constanta and is the southernmost Romanian resort on the Black Sea. Due to its latitude it never gets below zero during winters.

The natural cure factors for which Mangalia is known are the water of the Black Sea, which is chlorinated, sulfates, sodic and hypo-tonic, as well as the sulfurous, bicarbonate, calcium, geothermal mineral waters of its springs.

Vama Veche Beach in Romania

Vama Veche Beach in Romania

Romania Beaches

• Vama Veche

This is a true Bohemian community composed of Romanian artists, actors, dancers and singers that have made this their special place for holidays.

The quiet resort of Vama Veche is located several km south of Mangalia near the Bulgarian border. It is ideal for swimming, sun bathing and some areas for nudism.

Saturn Beach Resort on the Black Sea in Romania

Saturn Beach Resort on the Black Sea in Romania

• Saturn Beaches

This beach resort is located just 120 km north of the airport of Varna Bulgaria. Like most of its counterparts on the Black Sea, they base their promotion on medical treatments, swimming pools of mineral water, heliotherapy and talazoterapy and nautical sports. The area features fine restaurants and a variety of shops.

• Venus Beach Resort

It is located 41 km from Constanta and about 3 km from Mangalia. It features a large natural beach of 1.2 km long by 200 meters wide, with soft white sands. Here you may also have treatments for many ailments and also have a great time on its array of bars, pubs, discos, clubs, amusement parks and more.

For more information visit Romania Tourism Website

The Beaches of Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn

The Beaches of Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn

Romania Beaches

• Jupiter and Cap Aurora resorts

This is small and lovely resorts with many hotels, some of them located on the cliff with awe inspiring views. It is located 5 km of Mangalia. It communicates on the north with Neptun Beach and on the south with Cap Aurora Resort.

The peninsula where it is located stretches out into the sea creating an amazing sight.

Cap Aurora and Jupiter that lies between the Black Sea and Comorova Forest with Tismana Lake in the middle. They offer an amusement park, camping facilities, summer, theater, cinemas and many sports facilities.

Like the others, this resort is recommended for both rest and hellion-marine treatment during summer vacations, as well as for curative treatments like hypothyroidism, lymphatic, and secondary anemia, debility diseases, decalcifying and some skin diseases.

I am a veteran of the Travel Industry with more than forty years experience. For as long as I remember, even during the communist regime, we have been sending people to the Romania Beaches seeking natural help for their ailments. If people kept going and recommending these resorts, it must be because they do help.

Map of Romania Beaches

Map of Romania Beaches on the Black Sea

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costinesti by a.g.
venus by alexandru panoiu
vama veche by kikiricki

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