San Andres Colombia
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San Andres Colombia covers an area of 26 km². This is the largest of the three islands of this Colombian Archipelago.

They are some of the Western Caribbean Islands and are located about 200 km from the eastern coast of Nicaragua in Central America and over 700 km from mainland Colombia.

Map showing the location of the San Andres Islands

Map showing the location of the San Andres Islands

They Belong to Colombia

The islands have been on an eternal dispute between Nicaragua that claims them and Colombia that owns them.

But regardless to the dispute this is an integral part of the Colombian sovereignty. Spanish is the official language of the Islands and English is widely spoken too.

Flying time to Colombia is about 90 minutes. San Andres Island consists of sedimentary rocks that been accumulating for centuries and are of volcanic origin. In the middle there are low hills bordered by a low coastal plain.

San Andres features amazing tropical beaches

San Andres features amazing tropical beaches

Beaches of San Andres Colombia

The beaches of Isla de San Andres are amazingly beautiful like all Caribbean Beaches. The beaches are mainly concentrated on the north and east of the island and this is where you’ll find the concentration of resorts, restaurants, cafes and shops.

The west side is rocky and has no beaches at all. You can visit the area for its scenic views and picture taking. The waters are in such shades of blue and turquoise that the sea around the islands has been nicknamed by Colombians as “The Sea of Seven Shades of Turquoise”It is actually “Colombians Well Kept Secret”.

Colombian from the mainland frequently come to the islands for vacations; but everything comes to light and it is slowly becoming known and soon we may see flocks of International tourists visiting the area.

Playa Manzanillo in San Andres Colombia

Playa Manzanillo in San Andres Colombia

The Beaches of San Andres

  • Cocoplum Bay is a great place to swim due to its calm waters.

  • The Cove is shallow and divers can “walk” into the water to reach the coral reefs.

  • Johnny Cay, also called Islote Sucre is the nearest small island near San Andres with white sand beaches and some vegetation.

  • Sprat Bight is the most popular beach in San Andres. It is great for swimming due to shallow waters. If you rent a boat you may wander to other small cays.

  • Sound Bay has high waves that crash against the coral. This beach is one of the best in the archipelago

San Andres Colombia

Providencia Island the sister of San Andres Island

Providencia is the sister Island of San Andres

Providencia Island

Providencia Island the sister island of San Andres Colombia is still virgin and unspoiled. This Caribbean Paradise is just a short flight or by catamaran from Isla San Andres.

Old Providence or Isla de Providencia is a mountainous Caribbean island. This one is closer to Nicaragua but is still part of the Colombia Department of the three islands.

They are all located midway between Costa Rica and the Island of Jamaica

Providencia is a popular scuba diving destination because a great reef lying on the Eastern part of the island.

Although unknown by the world this reef runs in the same category of the big ones of Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Belize Barrier Reef and Andros Bahamas.

Satellite view of the Island of San Andres

Satellite view of the Island of San Andres

Things to do in San Andres Island

  • La Cueva De Morgan or Morgan's Cave - is a sea cave constantly enlarged by the water action against the rock walls. It's a popular attraction.
  • La Loma is a tiny island where life continues at a slow pace. The Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel is the first church built on the island. Its spire served as a landmark for sailors.

  • The sunken wrecks of the Blue Diamond and the Nicaraguense

  • Blue Wall and Blue Hole - vertical wall that goes down 300+ feet where you'll see coral and fish

  • El Cliff, at 50 meters altitude, is the highest point on this flat island. From El Centro, downtown San Andres you may hike to the top for a nice view of the town and surrounding coral reefs.

  • El Hoyo Soplador at the southern end of San Andrés is a sea water geyser, visible only under the right conditions.

  • Dive and snorkel in several locations. Calm undercurrents, moderate temperatures, and almost limitless visibility make this a prime attraction.

Decameron Boutique Los Delfines Hotel In Island of San Andres

Decameron Boutique Los Delfines Hotel San Andres

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