San Diego Beaches
The Best in California

San Diego Beaches are scattered on 27 Km of coastline and offer a great variety of amenities, like many lifeguard stations, some of them permanent year round and many more open on a seasonal schedule.

As mentioned there are tens of California beaches in the area of this fabulous city. We are going to mention just a few, which are recognized by the public and the Travel Magazines as the best.

Majestic Black's Beach in San Diego

Majestic Black's Beach in San Diego

Black’s Beach

This beach also called Torrey Pines City Beach is managed jointly by the City of San Diego and the State of California.

It is a 3.2 Km long sandy beach at the bottom of amazing 100 meter high cliffs. Once you climb to the cliffs you’ll have a great view of the beach and the many para-gliders soaring around.

The best way to get to this beach is through adjacent beaches to the south and north. It is known that the cliffs are unstable and slides may occur, so please take the proper caution.

Children's Pool in San Diego California

Children's Pool in San Diego Beaches

Children’s Pool

It is a great beach for children because it is protected by a seawall, created to make a perfect swimming environment

This is a beautiful beach with a panoramic view and the particular that seals and sea lions come to visit certain times of the year to a special reserve made for them called Seal Rock

Several beaches compliment this one, like Wipeout Beach to the south and Shell Beach to the north.

Shell Beach is great for scuba divers due the magnificent reefs just offshore. During high surf conditions it may be dangerous.

San Diego Beaches

La Jolla Cove one of the most beautiful in San Diego

La Jolla Cove one of the most beautiful in San Diego

La Jolla Cove

This is a very small beach situated among sandstone cliffs. It is so beauty that it is considered one of the most photographed beaches in Southern California.

It is ideal for swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers. Visibility at the cove may exceed 10 meters.

La Jolla Shores in San Diego California

La Jolla Shores in San Diego California

La Jolla Shores

It is a sandy beach of almost 2 Km long, located in La Jolla. The waves are very gentle in summer.

It is located next to the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve.  Many new scuba divers come here for lessons. Fishing is extremely prohibited on this beach. It is very popular with visitors and locals alike.

Mission Bay Area in San Diego

Mission Bay Area in San Diego

Mission Bay Beaches

Mission Bay Park has an area of 17,500 Sq Km of which 45% is land and 54% water. The shoreline is 44 Km long of which more than half are sandy beaches.

Since the first half of the 20th century it has been developed to what it is today. It is a real aquatic recreation facility used by motor boaters, sail boaters, rowers, water-skiers, picnickers, joggers, and swimmers.

Lifeguards on Mission Bay Beaches are seasonal, beginning with spring break, then spring weekends and daily during summer. During November to March there are no lifeguards on the beaches.

The main beaches of this area are:

  • Bonita Cove
  • Leisure Lagoon
  • De Anza Cove
  • Sail Bay
  •  Crown Point
  • Ventura Cove
  • Tecolote Shores
  • Enchanted Cove

Mission Beach in San Diego and the Boardwalk

Mission Beach in San Diego and its Boardwalk

Mission Beach

This 1.6 Km log beach is located at the center of Golden Strand, between South Mission Beach and Pacific Beach.

This is one of the most popular beaches in San Diego drawing large crowds during summer to the beach and the adjacent Belmont Park. At let’s not forget the iconic wooden Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

Map showing San Diego Beaches

Map showing San Diego Beaches

North Pacific Beach

This is a beach used year round by surfers, kite surfers and sailboarders. It features showers and restrooms.

This beach is about 1 Km long and has a boardwalk to the length of the beach. A the north end is the Tourmaline Surfing Park.

Beautiful sunset at Ocean Beach California

Beautiful sunset at Ocean Beach California

Ocean Beach

This beach is part of the community of Ocean Beach. Almost 2 Km in length it is a wide beach, broken by several groups of rocks.

At the end of this beach is Dog Beach a sandy area 24 hour beach for dogs. The dogs are permitted to run without leash all the time, although dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

The Ocean Beach Municipal Pier is at the south end of the beach and is available to the public for walking and fishing. There is a restaurant and bait shop on the pier.

Coronado one of the best beaches in America

Coronado one of the best beaches in America

Coronado Beach

Voted one of the best beaches in the USA for 2012 by “Dr. Beach”, Coronado Municipal Beach is adored by locals and tourists equally.

South Mission Beach

It is located on the southern end of the Golden Strand which runs from Pacific Beach Point to the Mission Bay channel.

It is the widest beach in the city and very popular for sports like volley ball and basket ball

South Mission also has the only oceanfront area dedicated to playing "Over-The-Line". Over-the-line is a bat-and-ball sport, related to baseball and softball. Game play, however, is very different.

For more information visit San Diego Tourism Website

Windansea Beach in San Diego California

Windansea Beach in San Diego California

Windansea Beach

This beach is known for its beautiful views and the surf breaks created by the underwater reef. There are a few sandstone cliffs dividing the beach into small areas great for sunbathing

Pacific Beach

It is located south of Crystal Pier and extends south all the way to Mission Beach. It is one of the busiest of San Diego Beaches for visitors and locals alike.

While tourists and teens congregate at Mission Beach, many of the city’s longtime surfers hang out at Pacific Beach, specifically at Tourmaline.

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