San Francisco Beaches
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San Francisco Beaches are the ideal setting for a day on the beach, excursions with breathtaking views and plenty of water sports activities. You have many beaches to choose from, like Baker Beach for a nude experience or many other family-oriented beaches for just hanging out. Remember that San Francisco has a lot of smog, and even on the warmest days, a chill may be felt coming from the ocean.

Bakers Beach the most popular of San Francisco Beaches

Bakers Beach the most popular of San Francisco Beaches

Baker Beach

This is a popular beach with great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The waters are rough and are not safe for swimming or surfing, but the place is ideal for sun tanning and picnicking. There are many cafes and restaurants in the nearby areas.

Please note that on the north side of this beach the area is considered “clothing optional” and is often frequented by nude sun tanners. It is actually known by many as the “nude beach” of the area.

China Beach a Family Beach in San Francisco

China Beach a Family Beach in San Francisco

China Beach

Also known as East Beach, it is one of the safest family-oriented beaches in the SFO area. It is located between Bakers Beach and Lands End, and provide lifeguards during summers.

It features spectacular views of the Marlin Heads and the Golden Bridge, making it an ideal spot for BBQs and picnics.

You can see a monument to China Beach’s early residents near the parking area at the end of Sea Cliff Avenue.


Lands End

This beach is still to be discovered, it is a hidden gem located between high cliffs west of Lincoln Park. You have to go through a steep trail to get there, but it is worth the effort, because the beach is ideal for a day of sunbathing or picnicking. Don’t miss the old ruins of Sutro Baths.

Aquatic Park

People like this beach because it’s located so near the center and Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. It is actually a little getaway beach located right in town a few steps from the office.

Children and adults may enjoy the soft waves and they hit the shore. 

San Francisco Beaches

Ocean Beach on the west side of San Francisco

Ocean Beach on the west side of San Francisco

Ocean Beach

This beach stretches along the whole west side of the city, with beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Swimming is not recommended here due to the strong rip currents and cold temperatures of the water. You will see here only experienced surfers go and “fight” the waves. So, that said, extreme caution is advised.

You may enjoy walking along the coast, fly a kite or having a bonfire or picnic in one of the designated areas.

There are many cafes and restaurants in the area and the San Francisco Zoo is also nearby making it a great compliment for a full day of activities for the family.

Stinson Beach

Here the visitor will have to cross over to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County Beaches. You may reach this beach by driving through the amazing Muir Woods.

Once there you’ll have enough parking space, leave your car and enjoy hiking, picnicking or swimming.

Bolinas Beach

Located just outside of San Francisco, it has a spectacular setting and a nice marine life. It has many seclude areas, where one can find a little solace from the busy city.

It is about an hour north of SFO and you will have to ask for directions, since there are not clear signs to this beach.

Map of San Francisco Beaches

Map of San Francisco Beaches

For more information visit San Francisco Tourism Website

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