Sanibel Beaches
Florida's West Coast

Sanibel Beaches are known worldwide for its quality and unusual beauty. The island of Sanibel and neighboring Island of Captiva are located on the Western Coast of the Peninsula of Florida facing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The two islands could be considered one because they are connected on Sanibel’s northern tip by the Blind Pass.

The beaches of both islands are just fabulous. I have a group of friends that have been going to Sanibel for decades since the children were small and continue going once a year now with children of the children. I have visited them many times. Sanibel Island Beaches are known for the abundance of shells created over thousands of years.

Aerial view of Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico

Aerial view of Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico

  • Turner Beach

    It is located on Blind Pass and has parts on Captiva and parts in Sanibel. This beach is popular among shells collectors and fishermen, since swimming is not permitted because the strong currents.

  • Captiva Beach

    It is located at the very end of Captiva Island Florida. You drive to the end of the road and there is paying parking lot from you can walk to the beach. Actually you may spend the whole day on Captiva’s beach. You can take a stroll and find some of the restaurants and cafes. Since the island is so small, it is better to enjoy it by foot. At the end of the day sit on the beach and enjoy the fabulous sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

Sanibel Beaches

Pwdery white beaches in Bowman's Beach in Sanibel

Powdery white beaches in Bowman's Beach in Sanibel

  • Bowman's Beach

    Bowman's Beach in Sanibel is without a doubt one of Florida’s best beaches. There is plenty of paid parking, but one should arrive early. The beach has a trail that runs parallel to the beach on one side and the thick woods on the other.

    It features picnic tables, restrooms, showers. This beach draws many visitors but it never becomes too crowded. Like in many of Sanibel Beaches that run east to west, you can see the glorious sun as it sets in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Tarpon Bay Road Beach

    This is a popular stretch of beach in Sanibel with miles of beach for long walks on any direction. It is also known for the abundance of shells. The beach is great for swimming since the currents are not so dangerous.

    Here you find lots of parking even though a little far from the beach, so you can exercise while looking for the beautiful beach that expects you.

For more information visit Florida Tourism Website

Sanibel is a heaven for shell collectors

Sanibel is a heaven for shell collectors

  • Algiers Beach

Because it is built on a nature reserve, this beach has no condominiums and hotels. It has a park with picnic area and restrooms.  The problem here is the lack of shade. Hurricane Charlie in 2004 knocked down the impressive Australian Pines that grew there. The water is calm and shallow.

A few other beaches with restricted car parking are;

  • Donax
  • Nerita
  • Beach Drive
  • Lighthouse Park

It is the first beach after entering the island from the mainland. This beach offers fantastic views to the condominium area of Fort Myers Beaches and also to the Naples area. This beach is surrounded by shallow waters. But beware; the currents can be strong some times. Like in other Sanibel Beaches it is recommended to arrive early to find parking space

Come to Sanibel Beaches, bring the kids and enjoy one of your best vacations.

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