Santorini Beaches
Volcanic Red and Black

Due to their volcanic origin, Santorini Beaches are much different than other Greece Beaches. The beaches here are of red and black pebbles.

The steep cliffs provide amazing scenery, making Santorini one of the most beautiful islands of the world. Thousands of tourists that have visited this Santorini Greece can attest to this.

White, red, gray or black sand, crystal clear deep blue waters, red volcanic rocks. Santorini offers some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean.

Most of Santorini beaches have the famous black sand that any visitor to the island remembers and deep blue waters. We are going to mention the top of them.

Amazing Beach in Santorini the most beautiful of the Greek Islands

Amazing Beach in Santorini the most beautiful of the Greek Islands

Beaches on the South part near the area of Akrotiri Santorini

• Red Beach

This one is by far the most known of the Beaches of Santorini. The beach is covered by red pebbles and the water is warm. It is located south west of the town of Fira the capital.

Red Beach Santorini is located in a quitter area but also attracts many visitors. Thanks to its unique color it is the most famous beach of the island.

• Perissa Beach

It is located south east of the town of Fira in one of Santorini’s finest beaches of dark colored sands near the town of Emporio.

Perissa Beach gets very crowded during summers but it’s worth a visit due to its extreme beauty. Perissa is in a tourist area with other beaches that I will mention next.

There are many beach bars, restaurants and taverns, as well as many hotels. They also have stands for many water sports.

Santorini Beaches

red beach santorini

Red Beach is the most popular of Santorini Beaches

More Beaches in the South

• Perivolos Beach

This is the longest black sand beach of Santorini.

It lies between Perissa on the north and Agios Georgios on the south.

The sand is lighter that the one in Perissa and very good for swimming.

  • Agios Georgios

This is a popular beach on the southern coast of Santorini about 3 km from Perissa, and 12 km south east of Fira.

It is great for people looking for some space and a good swim.

  • Vlihada Beach

It’s the last beach after Agios Georgios on the way to Akrotiri. It is a best kept secret beach great for swimming in the area. It is accessible by car or motorbike. It is a long beach with dark sand.

The cliffs that surround this beach are carved by the winds and have formed small caves, similar to a moon landscape.

Beaches on the east coast of Santorini

  • KamariIt is located north of Perissa Beach and is famous for an enormous rock called Mesa Vouno between the two.

It is the main beach on the east coast with black sands and many restaurants, beach cafes and bars.

  • Monolithos Beach

Just across from Fira Santorini, about 7 km, lays Monolithos Beach. This is a family oriented beach with playgrounds and beach volley ball court.

It features some hotels on golden sands. Santorini Airport is located near Monolithos.

For more information visit Greek Islands Tourism Website

Town of Fira

Idyllic view of the Greek Island of Santorini and the Town of Fira

Santorini is usually visited on the three and four night cruises of the Aegean Islands and also on larger cruises visiting the Eastern Mediterranean. These visits are perhaps for 5 to 6 hours.

That is not enough time to visit, know and enjoy Santorini Beaches. I hope you’ll find the time to spend more time on this earthly paradise.

Image Credits:
red beach by hartmut inerle
fira by mehmet bilgen
perissa by markellos

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

Santorini Beaches

Perissa beach is one of the top Santorini Beaches

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