Sardinia Italy
On the Tyrrhenian Sea

Sardinia Italy is the second largest of the Italian islands, second only to Sicily. It is located west of the Italian mainland and next to the French island of Corsica on the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Mediterranean. In Italian it is called Sardergna.

costa smeralda

The awe inspiring turquoise waters of Costa Smeralda

Sardinia has a fascinating History

It survived many invasions by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines.

The countryside is dotted by villages, temples, castles and tombs reflecting those times and the impact of these cultures.

The weather is mild like in the rest of the Mediterranean Beaches. Sardinia offers some of the best in the area.

Sardinia Italy

cala luna

Cala Luna is the most beautiful Bay Beach in the Mediterranean

Cala Luna

Cala Luna is located 7 Km south of Cala Gonone after Cala Fuili and the Caves of Bue Marino. The best way to get there is by boat from Cala Gonone. By road is a bit difficult but possible.

According to many people and some travel publications it is the most beautiful bay beach in the Mediterranean. It is by far the best of the Italian Beaches. If you arrive by sea be prepared to be surprised by the amazing scenery.

Out of nowhere you see suddenly the high calcareous rocks and the green valley. There are 6 “grottoni” or large caves in the rock that open to the beach.

Spiaggia della Pelosa

It has been nominated as one of Sardinia’s best beaches. It is located on the northwest coast of the island about one hour drive from the city of Alghero.

It is in the form of a crescent with white sands and crystal transparent blue waters. It is very popular during summers. The tiny port of Stintino nearby is a nice stop for lunch.

Gorgeous Spaiggia del Principe in the northwest of Sardinia

Spaiggia del Principe in the northwest of Sardinia

Spiaggia del Principe

This beach on the northwest is also known as the Portu Li Coggi. It is made of spectacular formations of granite formed through the years by the wind and the seas. This coastline provides secluded coves the dream of all lovers. This area is Costa Smeralda and the waters are really an emerald sparkling as a jewel.

Cala Fuili

This beach is located south of Cala Ganone and just before Cala Luna and the grotto del Bue Marino. The beach is strikingly beautiful with clear blue sea. This is one more candidate for the best beach in Sardinia.

Beautiful white sand and limpid blue sea shaded by thick junipers makes this yet another beautiful beach and one of the best beaches in Sardinia Italy.

Castello Pula in Sardinia Italy

Forte Village Resort Castello Pula in Sardinia Italy

sardinia map
  • Baia Chia

Chia Bay is in southwest of Cagliari on the Costa del Sud, one of the most scenic routes along the snaking coastline.

Here you’ll find the whites dunes of sands and many lagoons home to the flamingos that live among the streams.

Spiaggia Sa Colonia

This oneis overlooking the site of the ancient Phoenician Punic city of Bithia.

Stroll up to the Torre di Chia, a 16th century stone tower that was once part of an imposing network of sea defenses to repel Turkish pirates and invaders.

South of Oristano and northwest of Cagliari, this untamed coastline has cliffs, an uninterrupted succession of fine beaches and towering dunes

Cala Pira

It is located on the southeastern coast of Sardinia. It features soft white sands with shades of pink. The recently restored Torre di Cala Pira rises up on the northeastern side of the bay, surrounded by dunes, granite rock and secular junipers.

For more information visit Italy Tourism Website

Italian Beaches

Cala Goloritze is one of the most beautiful Italian Beaches

Cala Goloritzè

This is one of the most beautiful small bays in the Mediterranean, and among the best beaches in Italy, has been celebrated by many.

The beauty of the marble rocks worked by the rough waters during centuries and the turquoise waters are an awe inspiring show of beauty.

It is an arc shaped stretch of beach coming down from Punta Goloritze and Monty Caroddi, both are a must for all climbers.

Capo Carbonara in the south of Sardinia

Capo Carbonara in the south of Sardinia

Capo Carbonara

This is the most southeasterly point of Sardinia, from where the high coast road north to Costa Rei is blessed with beaches.

Along the peninsula is a double bay with the wide, sandy Spiaggia del Simius on the eastern side, flanked by Stagno Notteri Lagoon and Spiaggia del Riso on the other side.

Cala Mariolu overlooks the Gulf of Orosei and it is situated in Punta Ispuligi.

Sardinia Italy is out of this world when it comes to beautiful beaches. It compares only with those in the Caribbean, the South Pacific or the Indian Ocean. It is among the best Italy Travel Destinations.

Cala Pira

Cala Pira on the southeastern coast of Sardinia Italy

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