Scuba Diving Bahamas
On the Clearest Waters

When you think of Scuba Diving Bahamas, imagine a country with 700 magical islands near the coasts of Florida USA. The islands and islets are all surrounded by gorgeous beaches and its underwater rich with corals and an abundance of Marine Life.

Map of the main Islands of Bahamas

Map of the main Islands of Bahamas

The Diving Conditions in the Bahamas are perfect

The waters around the islands and cays are blessed with marine life seen only in your dreams or perhaps in the South Pacific Islands. The waters are crystal clear allowing for great visibility. And the weather conditions are idyllic year round.

Almost all the islands we are going to mention here have scuba divers services protected by PADI. Please sure your diving services providers are accredited.

I am going to present you with a few of the most important islands and the scuba facilities among them.

Eleuthera is perfect start for a Scuba Diving Bahamas Trip

Eleuthera is perfect start for a Scuba Diving Bahamas Trip

  • Eleuthera Island

Besides the splendid marine life, divers may enjoy a special underwater current called the Current Cut that carries you silently under water for ten minutes.

There are four ship wrecks nearby in depth of less than 12 meters, including a barge that was transporting the engine of a steam locomotive in 1865.  Eleuthera has some of the best diving facilities on the islands,

The Island of San Salvador in the Bahamas

The Island of San Salvador in the Bahamas

  • San Salvador 

The Island where Columbus first set foot in America is a small unknown island with fascinating underwater marine life. It has some of the best diving walls in the region, where the visibility reaches 35-60 meters in the crystal clear waters. This is ideal for the Scuba Diving Bahamas Experience.

  • Acklins and Crooked Island

These little known islands offer some of the best diving in the Bahamas including wall dives close to shore and several ship wrecks, that any diver won’t want to miss.

Like in all other sites, seek the help of professionals. After all they are there to serve you while making a living doing what they like.

Scuba Diving Bahamas

Abacos Islands a paradise of beaches and marine life

Abacos Islands a paradise of beaches and marine life

  • The Abacos Islands

The calm sea surrounding the Abacos has made it famous as a sailing destination. Based on this is has become a favorite diving spot among the islands with several protected underwater areas such as Fowl Cay National Reserve and Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park, with massive reefs with seam thru caves filled with silver bait fish.

Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park in the Abacos is known for its endless coral reefs and abundant marine life. It is located 13 km north of Cherokee Sound at Great Abaco Island.

Inagua is one of the Outer Islands of Bahamas

Inagua is one of the Outer Islands of Bahamas

  • Inagua Island

On this island reefs rangefrom shallow ones close to shore teeming with abundant sea life to a mammoth coral atoll dropping 2,000 meters deep. Between the years 1500 and 1800 many British, French and Spanish ships were destroyed around the area and today you may see the remnants. The clear blue waters of Inagua have an average visibility of 35 meters.

Grand Bahama features a few ship wrecks full of corals

Grand Bahama features a few ship wrecks full of corals
Scuba Diving Bahamas

  • Grand Bahama Island

It features the wreck of a disaster called Theo’s Wreck, the Wall and Treasure Reef. Other popular sites are Ben Blue Hole, Spit City and the Rose Garden.

Lucayan National Park is a park on Grand Bahama where you’ll find an underground fresh water cave inhabited by fruit bats, freshwater eels, mosquito fish and shrimps and other crustaceans.

Grand Bahama is home to a great eco-system of groves, and lush vegetation, and needless to say gorgeous sandy beaches.

Exceptional dive facilities provide PADI trained instructors, offering certification programs and full scuba equipment for rental.

  • Mayaguana Island

There are no established diving sites on the island, but just from going a little deep you’ll be amazed by the beauty of its underwater marine life.

Nassau Bahamas is a very important Cruise Port

Nassau Bahamas is a very important Cruise Port

  • New Providence Island

This island is better known as the home of Nassau, the Capital of Bahamas and adjacent Paradise Island, home of the famous Atlantis Resort and Casino.

Many ships have sunk around Nassau harbor during the las 300 years and now offer magnificent corals full of marine life.

The most spectacular dive site is Shark Wall a 16km reef of New Providence's southwest coast.

Exuma is one of the important spots for Scuba Diving Bahamas

Exuma is one of the important spots for
Scuba Diving Bahamas

  • The Exumas

Here the diver will find the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the first park of this kind in the world. Divers are attracted to its 35 by 13 km natural reserve of 175 Sq Km. It is located 65 km southeast of Nassau and is accessible only by boat.

The PADI professionals on the island will provide courses for beginners and advance divers.

  • Long Island

Located in the southern Bahamas it features amazing diving and snorkeling all around the island. One of the most known sites is the “Arawak Green Hole” a very deep blue hole.

Dean’s Blue whole is said to be the world’s deepest blue hole. It is a salt water 200 meters deep pool just offshore of Long Island.

Here you’ll encounter tiny sea horses, turtles and all kinds of tropical reef life, from tiny shrimps and colorful tropical fish to groupers and snappers to make a great Scuba Diving Bahamas experience.

For more information visit Bahamas Tourism Website

Awesome Marine Life around the Island of Bimini

Awesome Marine Life around the Island of Bimini

  • Bimini Island

This island is the closest to the coasts of the United States and is famous for its fishing. But nevertheless it has great reefs offshore with millions of colorful fish. If you are just a snorkeler you may be able to spot some black coral gardens at first sight.

There is an odd configuration at the bottom of the sea that legend says is the lost Atlantis Continent.

There are many wrecks near Bimini including some sunken Spanish Galleons, a WWI freighter and the battered concrete hull of the Sapona sank in 1926 during a hurricane

Famous Andros Blue Hole in the Bahamas

Famous Andros Blue Hole in the Bahamas

  • Andros Island

This is one of the world’s most important destinations for divers. The large island of Andros has reefs that plunge 1,800 meters to a narrow tongue called “The Tongue of the Ocean”.

You may explore blue holes formed when subterranean caves full with sea water, make their ceilings to collapse and leave the cave exposed to the daylight.

Close to the east coast seats the Andros Barrier Reef, the world’s third largest after the Australian Great Barrier Reef and the Belize Barrier Reef. This reef extends 250 km long and features more than 170 species of fish and corals.

Summarizing our article, I can attest to the scuba facilities in the Bahamas. I lived in Florida for 15 years and more than once we ventured to the islands by ourselves or with groups of friends and always admired the quality of the facilities on the islands.

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