Sicilian Beaches
On the Mediterranean Sea

Sicilian Beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea are blessed by a mild weather all seasons of the year. Sicily the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect place to spend your family vacation.

This is because besides awesome Italian beaches, Sicily offers lively towns, hundreds of guest houses and hotels, many restaurants and bars and a culture and history that will entertain the adults and the children alike when they visit the many ruins found on the island.

Here are a few of the most important beaches based on my personal experience of visiting Sicily several times in the past and updated by research on travel magazines and travel sites.

Balestrate Beach one of the Best Beaches in Sicily

Balestrate Beach one of the Best Sicilian Beaches


Here we are in the province of Palermo. The beaches in this area are sandy and surrounded by green forests that almost reach the sands. The beaches of Balestrate may be very busy during summers, but I always recommend getting there early

There are a few private beaches that offer sun beds, umbrellas and many other amenities. These private beaches are less crowded and the entrance fee is most of the time a low one.

Map of the Italian Island of Sicily

Map of the Italian Island of Sicily

Sicilian Beaches


This beach is located near Agrigento Sicily in a small fishing village on the southeast coast of Sicily. It is not one beach but several beautiful beaches like Baia del Sole and Bianco Piccolo. Visitors take advantage of the variety of beaches in this area that gives them the choice between crowded and not so crowded beaches. This beach can also be reached from Catania which offers a local airport.

Castellmare del Golfo

This is what I call a perfect romantic getaway. Located between Trapani and Palermo on the northern coast this is a seaside town with the old charm of Sicily.

Sicilian Beaches

Lo Zingaro Natural Park on the Island of Sicily

Lo Zingaro Natural Park on the Island of Sicily

Lo Zingaro

This is a Nature Reserve with stunning cliffs that drop into the turquoise waters, mountains as high as 1,000 meters and delightful beaches. Lo Zingaro attracts walkers and hikers as well as beach goers.


This beach is home to a great marine life undersea therefore excellent for scuba divers and snorkelers.


It is located on Sicily’s northern coast and features pebbled beaches. It is near the Aeolian Islands and not far from Nebrodi national Park which is by itself a great tourist destination.

One of the Best Beaches in Italy is San Vito lo Capo in Sicily

One of the Best Beaches in Italy is San Vito lo Capo in Sicily

Sicilian Beaches

San Vito lo Capo

If you saw George Clooney on Ocean Twelve, this is where it was filmed. I consider this town also known as St Vitus Cape one of the prettiest beaches in Sicily, with powdery white sands and crystal clear waters.

Many hikers love this beach because it is surrounded by tall cliffs with many caves and grottos only accessible by climbing.


This town is located near the northern tip of Messina from where you may see the Italian mainland.  As you may know the Straits of Messina is a shallow passage that connects the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west and the Ionian Sea on the east. It features great beaches like Lido dei Tirreno, which is ideal for children.

Mondello Beach near Palermo the Capital of Sicily

Mondello Beach near Palermo the Capital of Sicily

Mondello Lido

This stunning beach is located near the village of Mondello. It is a 2 km beach from Monte Pellegrino to Monte Gallo. It features many restaurants and bars on the seaside. Most of them serving delicious seafood just arrived from the sea.

Being so near to Palermo the capital of Sicily this is where the people of the busy city find solace and cool waters on sunny days.

Spiaggia Sabbie Nere

To go to this beach you will have to take a boat, since it is located on the Island of Vulcano, one of the Aeolian Islands. The black sand beaches are out of this world.

Spiaggia Sabbie Nere on the Island of Vulcano with black sands

Spiaggia Sabbie Nere on the Island of Vulcano with black sands

Lido Mazzarò

This beach is near the town of Taormina and may be reached by a cable car from the top of the hill. This famous beach offers bars and restaurants lining the beautiful beaches. They also offer an array of water sports and beach amenities.

Once in Lido Mazzaro, make sure you visit the Grotta Azzurra a cave on the beach and Isolla Bella a tiny island that may be reached over a shallow path on the sand. A I write this I remember when we did it and I still get my chills.


This a high end resort in Sicily. It is located on the waterfront of Taormina between Taormina proper and Capo Schiso. It is a sophisticated beach resort with the old charming of Taormina, besides sand white beaches and clear waters.

For more information visit Italian Tourism Board

Isola Bella in front of Lido dei Mazzaro

Isola Bella in front of Lido dei Mazzaro

Marina di Ragusa

This is one of the best beaches in the Southeast of Sicily with water sports, bars and restaurans.

Rabbit Beach

This beach has been named several times as one of the Best Beaches in the World. It is just off the beaten path. It is located on the Island of Lampedusa near Sicily between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa.


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