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Many of Singapore Beaches are built on reclaimed land from the sea. This is due to limited mass land.

Singapore is a sovereign city- state on an island in Southeast Asia at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It consists of a main island and many much smaller islets.

Map of Singapore and its small islands

Map of Singapore and its small islands

Singapore, despite its small size is one of the world’s most important financial centers and one of the busiest ports.

It is definitely not a beach country, but since I look all over the world for the beast beaches and taking into account that even the busiest businessmen like to take a few hours of relaxation, I am presenting here the best beaches of Singapore.

East Coast Beach Park in Singapore

East Coast Beach Park in Singapore

East Cost Park

This is a beach park in the southeastern coast of Singapore. As mentioned above it was built by claiming land from the sea. It is the largest park in Singapore.

It is the most popular beach besides those of Sentosa Island. It gets pretty busy during weekends but if you go during the week, you may have the park just for yourself.

It is a good beach for swimming. If you want to camp here, which is possible, you have to arrange for a permit.

West Coast Beach Park in Singapore

West Coast Beach Park in Singapore

West Coast Beach Park

As the name implies it is located in West Coast of, Singapore. Covering  0.5 Sq Km it is called the “Play Centre in the West”. This park is administered by a few organizations that adopted it. They maintain the park in prime condition like landscaping and gardening.

This park is one of the largest in Singapore with all kind of games and sports, barbecue equipment, camping areas, sand play and more.

Sembawang Park

It is located in the north coast of Singapore facing the Straits of Johor separated the country from Malaysia. It is located at the end of Sembawang Road.

Singapore Beaches

Pasir Ris Park is a popular beach park in Singapore

Pasir Ris Park is a popular one of Singapore Beaches

Pasir Ris Park

This beach park opened in 1989 is located in eastern Singapore, also with some reclaimed land. Its length is about 6.5 Km. As many of the beaches on the big island of Singapore it is not so appealing. This is compensated with many sports facilities, picnic areas and beautiful manicured gardens.

Besides the beach you’ll find a cycling track and a huge playground for children. It also features basketball courts, rope climbing, cableways, slides and space nets.

Changi Beach Park on the northern tip of Singapore

Changi Beach Park on the northern tip of Singapore

Changi Beach Park

This park is located on the northern tip of the island. It is one of the oldest, retaining the village atmosphere of the 60’s and 70’s. It is about 3.5 Km long with sandy beaches.

It is very popular with locals for long picnics and even overnights, especially during weekends. People go there for fishing, jogging, watching airplanes land and take off and sunrises and sunsets.

It features all facilities for eating and drinking with bars cafes and restaurants.

Sentosa Island is the Top Beach Spot in Singapore

Sentosa Island has the best Singapore Beaches

Sentosa Island

This island located off the southern coast of Singapore, is the most important from the tourist point of view and beautiful beaches, and visited by more than 5 million people a year. It features the Universal Studios theme park of Singapore besides roller coasters and indoor skydives.

There are three main beaches in Sentosa Island, they are

  • Palawan Beach
  • Tanjong Beach
  • Siloso Beach

Palawan Beach and the tiny islet linked by a bridge

Palawan Beach and the tiny islet linked by a bridge

Palawan Beach

This is a quiet and exquisite beach where you’ll always find a secluded spot to relax.

There is a bridge that will take you to another offshore island. This little island is the best place in the whole of Singapore to sit and relax under the tropical sun and your umbrella. By the way this tiny islands claims to be the southernmost point in continental Asia and also the closest point of Asia to the Equator.

Palawan has shops, restaurants and bars and is by far the favorite with families, couples and the rest of Singaporeans.

Tanjon Beach on the Island of Sentosa Singapore

Tanjon Beach on the Island of Sentosa Singapore

Tanjong Beach

This beach is almost as good as Palawan. It is home to the Tanjong Beach Club. If you walk 5 or 10 minutes past the club you may enjoy the beach just for you.

This is the typical beach where one wants to take a book and spend the hours seating on your sun bed and relax

While enjoying your swimming be aware of the local laws and regulations and swim in the allowed area between the red and yellow flags.

Siloso Beach Singapore is a champion in Volley Ball Sport

Siloso is the most popular of Singapore Beaches

Siloso Beach

This is perhaps the most popular beach in Sentosa. It has all the facilities of the great beaches of the Orient; little shops, beach bars and restaurants. The waters are superb for swimming.

This beach is known for its Volley Ball facilities, there is a lot of action on this sport in this beach.

Evenings at Siloso are also interesting, with many parties going on late into the night.

For more information visit the Singapore Tourism Website

Pulau Ubin Beach on a tiny island north of Singapore

Pulau Ubin Beach on a tiny island north of Singapore

Pulau Ubin

The small island of Ubin is located in the Johor straits between Malaysia and Singapore. It features a few beaches worth a mention.

Noordin Beach a popular camping site with sandy beaches

Mamam Beach has benches and a few facilities.

Jelutong is a campsite facing the mainland.

Kusu Island

This is one of the southern islands of Singapore. The name means “Turtle Island” and is located about 6 Km from the main island of Singapore.

Most of the land was claimed from the sea and developed into a 85,000 Sq meters island holiday resort.

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