Beaches of Sintra Portugal
On the Atlantic Ocean

The Beaches of Sintra Portugal are of golden sands bathed by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, offering great opportunities for sunbathing, water sports, fishing and paragliding. Sintra is very near Lisbon the Capital of Portugal.

And above all swimming in the crystalline waters of the Portuguese coast.

Adraga Beach a popular one near Sintra Portugal

Adraga Beach a popular one near Sintra Portugal

Adraga Beach    

You get to this beach via a small road that van be done only by car. Once on the way down, you may wonder if there is a beach down there.

Here you will discover the deep blue see between two hills near the village of Almoçageme.

It is a very popular beach and it may be difficult to park your car, so we recommend to get there early in the day.

The norther part of the beach is frequented by nudists. It has lifeguards during the season and a great restaurant.

Praia da Ursa with its rock formations

Praia da Ursa with its rock formations

Praia da Ursa

This is the southernmost of Sintra Beaches. It got its name from a huge rock that seems like an animal sculpted by a giant.

In the sand there are may rock formations. This beach can be reached from Azoia, on the road to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point in the European Continent.

Here you may see some nudist enjoying their way of life.

Praia Grande

It has many facilities for a great day at the beach. The World Bodyboard championships, are held here beginning of September every year. Lifeguards are on duty during the bathing season. Sun beds and chairs are available for rent. This beach is 10km from Casa do Valle.

Praia Pequena

It is located between Praia Grande and Praia das Maçãs. Although it has no facilities, it is great for fishing and many water sports. It is well sheltered, so ideal for a relaxed bathing.

You may reach this beach the same way you reach Praia Grande.

Sintra Portugal

Praia das Maçãs easily accessible from downtown Sintra

Praia das Maçãs easily accessible from downtown Sintra

Praia das Maçãs

It is translated the Apples beach. It is the first of the beaches of Sintra to attract tourism. Today many families from the Lisbon area have their homes on this beach. You can get there by tramway from the downtown of Sintra.

The name comes from the great number of apples that used to appear on the beach, carried by the waters coming from the lowlands.

It features many restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as shops and plenty of parking. It also offers public swimming pools and many facilities of a well-organized beach.

Azenhas do Mar

This is a picturesque village on a cliff with natural sea water pools at the bottom. Sometimes due to high tides the sand accumulates, creating small beaches on top of the rocks.

You will find restaurants with delicious sea food dishes. It is about 11 km from Casa do Valle.

Praia de Magoito

It is a large stretch of sandy beach, formed in a valley cut by the Matta Brook, forming a nice contrast with the surrounding cliffs.

It has good facilities for a day on the beach, but you have to park up the hill and it may be crowded during high season.

Praia da Samarra

It is a small stretch of sand opening to the quiet Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by high cliffs which people use for fishing.

It is reachable only via Assafora, by following the signs through Catribana and Cortezia. Assafora is about 15 km from Casa do Valle.

Map of the beaches of Sintra Portugal

Map of the beaches of Sintra Portugal

For more information visit Portugal Official Tourism Website

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Adraga by Vincent van zeijst
ursa by hipersyl
grande by nikater
pequena by valuji
macas by teves costa
azenhas by teves costa
magoito by pedro Ribeiro simoes
samarra by angie perales

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