Slovenia Beaches
On the Adriatic Sea

Slovenia Beaches are scattered through a short coastline of only 45 km. Slovenia’s exit to the Adriatic Sea is as said, a small strip between Italy and Croatia.

In such a short coastline, the country offers beautiful beaches for the delight of locals and tourists from the neighboring countries, that come to enjoy the small villages, the fine food and the fine beaches.

Beaches of Piran Slovenia

Beaches of Piran Slovenia

Piran Slovenia

The nearest place to Italy, its architecture is medieval and one you reach the bell tower, the views are amazing.

Piran’s beaches are rocky but the waters of the Adriatic are so inviting that it is worth the visit. A paved way leads to the beach which makes the access easier for the visitors.

Clean Fiesa Beach has some facilities for a good swim and has some beach amenities


Portoroz Slovenia on the Adriatic coast

Portoroz Slovenia on the Adriatic coast


This area that was an important salt industry center is now a center of luxury hotels with health centers and mud baths.

There are a few Thermal Spas, casinos, restaurants and lively nightlife.

The public Central Beach at Portoroz is the only natural sandy beach in Slovenia. There also a few private beaches prepared by the hotels such as Hotel St Bernardin, Meduza Beach managed by Life Class Hotels.

Slovenian law ensures that all beaches are public and even those that are private, have to let you in for a fee. The restaurants have a strong Italian influence.


Koper Beach in Slovenia

Koper Beach in Slovenia


This historic Venetian era streets town has a few pebble beaches, such as Mestno Kopalisce, next to the marina on Kopalisko Nabreze.

Or maybe head close to the Italian border to the Blue Flag beach of Debeli Rtic, located in a Mediterranean park of trees and plants from all continents, where the Youth Health and Holiday Centre Debeli is located. This last one has all kind of facilities and playgrounds for children.

Slovenia Beaches

Mestna Beach

This is Slovenia’s largest coastal town located near Koper and very close to Italy. It has classical Mediterranean beaches made of pebble. The Italian influence is such, that you may wonder if you are swimming in Slovenia or the Amalfi Coast.


Once a part of the Republic of Venice it was once an island. It features two swimming areas near the marina and the lighthouse. They are sandy and pebble beaches, well maintained and with some grassy areas.

Simonovzaliv Beach

Located at the San Simon Hotel Resort, is a Blue Flag beach that offers umbrellas and many other facilities.

They are close to the Strunjan Park and have many restaurants in the vicinity offering the best sea food plates.

Mesečev Zaliv Beach

Meaning Moon Bay beach, is a real gem of the Slovenian Riviera. It is located in the Strunjan Nature Park. It is also called Beli Kriz of White Cross beach due to the large white cross standing on top of the cliff overlooking the beach.

For more information visit Slovenia Tourism Website

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piran by dr janos korom

portoroz by rok hodej
koper by radio kpoer
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