Sochi Russia
Black Sea Riviera

Sochi Russia, also known as the Russian Riviera attracts two and a half visitors to its shores on the Black Sea. Most of them are Russians trying to escape to “their” summer resort. Even President Vladimir Putin has his residence in Sochi where he receives many dignitaries.

Sochi is also famous for being the host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The beaches are not the best of the world but in my resort hotels you may find white sands imported from other countries. The climate is sub-tropical and the summer season runs from May to September.

Sochi is the Russian Black Sea Riviera

Sochi is the Russian Black Sea Riviera

Sochi National Park

It is a 1950 sq. km protected area near the Caucasus Mountains and 70 km from town is the renowned ski resort of Krasnaya Pollyanna.

The city is a large one stretching for 148 km, and offers many more attractions than its beaches such as mountain canyons and underground caves; nature reserves, lakes and waterfalls and many museums.

Olympic Beach a great beach near the Georgian border

Olympic Beach a great beach near the Georgian border

Olympic beach

This is a modern pebble beach stretching for 5 km, that stretches from the Psou River to the Olympic Park. It borders with Abkhazia in the Georgian Republic.

Built for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, it is getting more popular as the years go by.

From the rampart you may go down to many cafes and bars, as well as bicycle rental, amusement rides and fast food cafes.

The beach offers all facilities, like sun beds for rent and lifeguards. The entrance is free; all the extras are paid for.

Sochi Russia

Sochi Municipal Beaches

They are located near the shores of Sochi’s downtown in the central part of the city. All tourist staying here have free access to relax on these beaches.

The atmosphere is unique and full of restaurants, cafes and bars, mixed with souvenir shops and a few boutiques.

Don’t miss the stands selling ice cream, sweet corn on the cob and many other sweeties.

The Riviera Beach

Located next to the park is the estuary of the Sochi River. The beach is a pebble one and offers many attractions.

There are changing rooms, showers, sunbeds, massage services; there are many plays for adults and children like trampolines, banana boats, parachute flights and much more.

There are also two volleyball courts with nets for those interested in the popular game. All sports activities are free of charge.

Krasniy shturm

Translated as Red Storm, this a popular beach among locals. It is a half nudist beach with a few breakwaters. It stretches along the Federal Highway from Sochi to Adler.

There are no facilities like in a regular beach, so locals use their cars or wrap themselves in towels.


It is located to the west of Sochi and has many beaches along the coast. The main accommodations are just a few steps from the beach.

It consists of many small harbors and the pebble beaches are a few meters’ wide divided by rivers flowing into the sea. Enjoy many cafes and souvenir shops as well as small markets, selling fruits and vegetables.

Map of Sochi Russia

Map of Sochi Russia

For more information visit Sochi Russia Official Tourism Website

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olympic beach by graciela marien
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riviera beach by jordy escobar
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lazarevkoye by ramonita ortiz

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