Sri Lanka Beaches
The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka Beaches are blessed by a tropical weather year round. This small South Asia country is located southeast of the Indian sub-continent and because its beauty is called “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" and "The nation of smiling people”.

It features amazingly beautiful beaches compared with its peers in the Indian Ocean like Maldives Beaches and Seychelles Beaches. Most of the best beaches are located on the West Coast but there are also a few ones on the East Coast worth to mention.

Bentota Beach is a well developed resort in Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach is a well developed resort in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Beaches on the West Coast

Bentota Beach

This is one of the best developed beach resorts in the country. It features all amenities one can expect from a well organized beach like water sports facilities such as parasailing, scuba diving, surfing and jet skiing. The Bentota River is another attraction of this beach, because it is actually a lagoon, by the way, very romantic.

This beach is home to many boutique hotels and resorts hotels all lined on the superb golden sands of this turquoise waters beach.

Negombo Beach on the so called Golden Mile

Negombo Beach on Sri Lanka Beaches Golden Mile

Negombo Beach

Located 15 km from Sri Lanka International Airport, this is called the Golden Mile. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as hotels and shops. The fine sands of Negombo Beach attract many tourists and locals alike.

This was the harbor used for the export of Cinnamon by the Portuguese, Dutch and British in colonial times and there many buildings of the era attesting to that past.

Beruwala Beach

This is a tranquil fishing village with a stretch of beach and excellent swimming conditions year round. The breeze running all day is a palliative to the hot weather.

The highlight of this beach is seeing how the fishermen bring their catch of the day direct to the town’s market.

Kalpitiya Beach

This is a still undiscovered gem. Its golden sands and clear waters are ideal for relaxation, swimming and sun tanning. It is also famous for being a spot for dolphin and whales watching. You may go on a boat ridedown the river and even enjoy a 4WD jeep ride around the dunes.

Sri Lanka Beaches

Unawatuna is the # 1 of Sri Lanka Beaches

Unawatuna is the # 1 of Sri Lanka Beaches

Unawatuna Beach

This is recognized as the most popular beach in Sri Lanka, protected by a beautiful coral reef. Thanks to the natural reef it is a very quiet beach. This beach has no rival when it comes to scuba diving and snorkeling, and for those not practicing those sports you may go on a glass bottom boat for a ride of discovering the fantasies of this beach.

There are many beachside cafes and restaurants serving fresh catches from the sea. While it is not a surfer’s beach because there are practically no waves, it is great for families with small children who want to just relax, suntan and an occasional swim.

It is located just 90 km south of Colombo Sri Lanka and can be accessed from the main road by a service road lined with hotels, guest houses and restaurants.

Hikkaduwa Beach is known for the abundance of marine Life

Hikkaduwa Beach is known for the abundance of marine Life

Hikkaduwa Beach

Located north of Galle on the way to Unawatuna Beach, this is a wide beach with golden sands and all the amenities of a well prepared beach. There are enough sun beds for an army of people.

This beach is known for the abundance of marine life underwater, so it is great for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. When evening comes this is a great place to be. It is known for the many restaurants and cafes offering Sri Lanka Cuisine as well as International ones and an active nightlife.

Kalutara Beach

This is an ancient port for the once important trade of species by the colonizers. It is divided into a quiet north and a busy south. So, the visitor may chose where to spend the day at the beach.

The beach has soft sands and there are some canals reminiscent of the trading days that are still used for boat rides.

Uppuveli Beach in Sri Lanka virgin and underdeveloped

Uppuveli Beach in Sri Lanka virgin and underdeveloped

Uppuveli Beach

Is an underdeveloped beach that is starting to get known for its beauty and coral gardens underwater on Pigeon Island and the beach nearby called Niaveli.

Mirissa Beach

This is a peaceful sandy beach with clear waters ideal for whales and dolphin watching. What is particular to this beach is that you may enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. It is much quieter than the previous ones but some like it this way, when are “being” rather than “doing” in a state of trance surrounded by such beauty.

Tangalle Beach in Sri Lanka with powdery white sands

The Quiet Village of Arugam Bay Beach in Sri Lanka

East Coast

Arugam Bay Beach

This is a quiet village with restaurants and inexpensive accommodation. This beach is called a “surfer’s paradise”. The conditions of the beach justify that name, but not only surfing is practiced here; they have facilities for many other water sports. The proximity to Yala National Park is another attraction of this beach

Passikuda Beach

This is a wide beach line with palm trees. This is home to a picturesque village next to the lagoon. The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Batticaloa Beach

It is located on the east coast next to the largest lagoon of the country. The beach is shallow and it is safe to swim and wade even 150 to 200 meters from the shore. It reminds me of Varadero Beach in Cuba.

There is one particular attraction here: On days of Full Moon one can hear the fish “singing” in the lagoons nearby.

For more information visit Sri Lanka Tourism

Tangalle Beach elephants enjoying

Tangalle Beach elephants enjoying "their" beach

Tangalle and Hambantota Beaches

Also located near Yala National Park these two beaches are popular for diving and snorkeling. They are two separate bays lined with golden sands and the waters of amazing blues.

Trincomalee and Nilaveli Beaches

These beaches are located where once was a busy port that because of the Civil Was and the 2004 Tsunami was deserted for a while. Now it is being rediscovered for sun bathing, scuba diving, surging, fishing and many other water sports. Pigeon Island just a few km offshore is a peaceful island covered with underwater corals ideal for a day of scuba diving.

Sri Lanka Beaches are a great discovery for those tourists that have seen them all.

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