St Croix Island
One of the US Virgin Islands

St Croix Island is the largest of the three located south of its sisters St Thomas USVI and St John USVI. It is pronounced “Seint croi” and known is Spanish as Santa Cruz.

This is a US Territory as part of the US Virgin Islands, the American Paradise. The capital is in Charlotte Amalie in neighboring St Thomas.

Aerial view of St Croix and the city of Christiansted

Aerial view of St Croix and the city of Christiansted

Beaches and more beaches

St Croix Island exotic beaches have been rated the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sugar white sands, secluded coves and crystal clear waters surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

  • Buccaneer

This beach is located east of Christiansted at the Buccaneer Hotel. Non guest pay a fee for use of the beach. You’ll find here many Water sports Caribbean Snorkeling and more.

  • Turtle Beach on Buck Island

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. President Kennedy declared this beach as a National Monument. You may get there by charter sailing boats that operate many times a day. One in Buck Island you shouldn’t miss the island’s underwater snorkeling trail.

Buck Island offshore of St Croix

Buck Island offshore of St Croix

  • Cane Bay Beach

The beautiful white sandy beach is located on the northern coast. It has spectacular views. Cane Bay Dive Center provides all the equipment for great snorkeling and Scuba Diving Caribbean.

  • Chenay Bay Beach

This beach is located east of Christiansted and has restaurants and bar services. Here you can rent hammocks, chairs and kayaks.

  • Coakley Bay Beach

This beach is located at the far east end of the island. It is a mostly deserted strip of sand. During the week you may be there all by yourself

  • Colony Cove Beach

This beach is ideal for snorkeling on its natural reef

  • Columbus Landing Beach

This is the historic landing place of Columbus in 1493.

  • Pelican Cove Beach

This beach is west of Christiansted. It is surrounded by palms. The beach is sandy and hosts a restaurant and bar. It is great for snorkeling. Beware of undertow currents.

  • St. Croix Reef

Cramer Park – This is a beautiful and sandy public beach near the end of Route 82. It has recently renovated changing rooms and bathrooms.

St Croix Island

Carambola Beach Resort in St Croix

Carambola Beach Resort in St Croix

  • Gentle Winds Beach

This one is located on the North Shore at the Gentle Winds Condominium Resort. It features beautiful white sand beach. Access to the beach from the resort is limited to residents and guests.

  • Grapetree Bay

Is located on the south eastern shore of St. Croix.

  • Ha Penny, Hey Penny or Half Penny Beach

This beach has many different names but it is still a very nice St. Croix Virgin Islands beach. It features a great stretch of white sand but with very little shade. It is ideal for swimming or walking on the beach. Make sure you bring your sunscreen.

Hibiscus Beach in St Croix USVI

Hibiscus Beach in St Croix USVI

  • Hibiscus Beach

Is located at the Hibiscus Beach Hotel. This beach is surrounded by palms. The waters are rough and there are undertow currents.

  • Isaac's Bay Beach

This east end beach is more easily reached with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. You'll find secluded sands for sunbathing, calm waters for swimming, and a barrier reef for snorkeling. You can also get here via footpaths from Jack's Bay. It is a hike but it's worth the effort.

  • Jack's Bay

It is located on the East end of the island, Jack's Bay is also remote but well worth the effort to get there.

  • Protestant Cay Beach

This cay is across from Christiansted and can be reached by water taxi. It has full Watersports facilities including parasailing, wave running, wind surfing and snorkeling.

  • Rainbow Beach

It is located on the west coast 1 mile north of Fredericksted. It features a Restaurant Bar with live music.

Colony Cove an amazing beach in St Croix

Colony Cove an amazing beach in St Croix

  • Reef Beach

It is a t the East end of the island at Teague Bay on Route 82. It features Duggan's Reef restaurant and bar

  • Sandy Point

This is a spectacular, secluded beach in southwest corner of St. Croix Island. It was established primarily to protect the March-June nesting grounds of endangered leather back turtles. It also happens to be one of the longest stretches of white sandy beach in the Caribbean - spanning over 2 miles.

  • Shoy Beach

This is one is located East of Christiansted.

  • Sugar Beach

This is a beautiful powder white sand beach. It got the name from the sugar white sands.

For more information visit US Virgin Islands Tourism

Map of the Island of St Croix USVI

Map of the Island of St Croix USVI

Important facts on St Croix Island

St Croix has been under the flag of many countries like Spain, Great Britain, France, the Knights of Malta, the Netherlands and Denmark.

In 1917 the Virgin Islands were sold by Denmark to the United States for 25 million in gold.

  • Area – 82.88 sq mi or 21437 sq km
  • Length 28 mi X width 11 km.
  • Population – 60,000
  • Largest city – Christiansted with 3,000 inhabitants.

In 1989 when we were living in Puerto Rico and expecting the arrival of killer hurricane Hugo it destroyed St Croix. Then in 1995 Hurricane Marilyn created a substantial damage and later in 1998 and 1999 Hurricanes Georges and Lenny created some destruction.

You can see a few buildings in the outskirts of Christiansted still in ruins since that time.

Sand Castle Beach in lovely St Croix Island

Sand Castle Beach in lovely St Croix Island

Political status of St Croix Island

The Us Virgin Islands are an unincorporated territory of the US with a non-voting representative to the House of Representatives.

All residents are US Citizens by birth. As the case of Puerto Rico, they don’t have the right to vote for the US President and they don pay Federal Taxes.

St. Croix Island has fine hotels, excellent dining, sights to see, a selection of other things to do and all kinds of beaches.

This island has an incredible European history. Wonderful architecture, ruins, and museums can be found throughout the Historic District. Buck Island Reef, duty free shopping, world famous beaches, and delightful restaurants are also favorites of our visitors.

Map of the Virgin Islands showing the location of St Croix

Map of the Virgin Islands showing the location of St Croix

A visit to St Croix Island is an unforgettable experience.

Consider this island for your Caribbean Wedding, for your Honeymoon or for a great Caribbean Family Vacation. But above all St Croix Golf is renowned worldwide.

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