St John Beaches
The Smallest of the US Virgin Islands

Let’s go on a virtual tour to St John Beaches. This was our first contact with the real Caribbean more than forty years ago, when we went to Caneel Bay in St John USVI for a holiday of three days.

Satellite view of the Island of St John USVI

Satellite view of the Island of St John USVI

The Smallest of the Three US Virgin Islands

St John is the smallest of the three United States Virgin Islands after St Croix and St Thomas USVI. To get there you have to fly to St Thomas and then go by ferry to St John that arrives at Cruz Bay. It has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and perhaps the world.

Almost two thirds of the island belong and is administered by the United States National Parks Services.

Please be aware that this is an American territory meaning that US Citizens do not need a passport or visa. To the other nationalities the rules of entry to the USA apply also here.

Here are some of them

Trunk Bay in St John USVI is one of the World's Best Beaches

Trunk Bay in St John USVI is one of the best St John Beaches

Trunk Bay

Located near Cruz Bay, this heart shaped beach is spectacular with fine white sands and turquoise waters.

It features all amenities expected by the visitor such as showers, restrooms, changing area, food area and picnic facilities.

This beach is kept by the US National Parks services, like most of the island.

The beach is family oriented, because the waters are shallow and because of all its services. A certain points you may see many cruise ship passengers enjoying the beach on their stop in St John USVI.

This is also a heaven for Scuba Divers, due to the richness of the marine life surrounding its waters.

St John Beaches

Cinnamon Bay in the US Virgin Islands

Cinnamon Bay Beach in St John US Virgin Islands

Cinnamon Bay

This beach is located about 5 km from Cruz Bay and is much larger than Trunk Bay Beach. It is surrounded by jungle like vegetation like mango and cacao trees.

The marine life underwater is full of striking corals and colorful tropical fish a paradise for scuba divers and even snorkelers.

This complex offers camping facilities such as tents and cottages a few steps from the beach. There is a restaurant and also picnic facilities.

Sweet memories of our vacations in Caneel Bay St John

Sweet memories of our vacations in Caneel Bay St John

Caneel Bay

This Rosewood Resort is located on the beach bearing its name within the property of the US National Parks services. The resort was designed to blend with its landscape and maintaining a no frills environment like no air conditioning, no TV or radio and most property lighting is indirect so that guests can be able to see the stars at night.

Visitors to Caneel Bay can also scuba dive, windsurf, sea kayak, sail, play tennis or get a massage. Many national park trails can be accessed from the resort and are available for hiking.

Maho Bay a quiet and unexplored beach in St John

Maho Bay a quiet one of St John Beaches

Maho Bay

Just past Cinnamon Bay beach lays this one that offers calm and shallow waters for families with small children.

This is just a plain beach and has no signs or prearranged parking. You just park below a maho tree and jump into the waters.

The snorkeling between Maho Beach and Little Maho is great. You’ll enjoy and array of tropical fish and exotic coral reefs.

Salt Pond Bay

To get to this beach you’ll have to enter through the National Park facilities and follow the trail to the beach. The claim to fame of this beach is a real salt pond.

The pond receives water from the sea by way of subterranean tunnels and once the water is evaporated it forms foamy residues of sea salt.

It is becoming popular among those that want to spend a relaxed day for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Blue Cobblestone one of St John Beaches

Blue Cobblestone one of St John Beaches

Blue Cobblestone Beach

This beach gets its name from the cobblestones along the beach. It is famous by its yellow fire corals, but please don’t touch them because you may get a sting.

The beach is ideal for snorkelers on their adventure along the rocks. It is also known for bird watching. Because the beach is more secluded, the birds abound here.

Hawksnest Beach

If you want to spend a beach day, this beach is easy to access a short distance of Cruz Bay. The parking lot is close to the waters, making it easy to carry all your stuff.

They have facilities for picnics. Actually the St John locals celebrate here birthdays and other parties as well as family reunions.

Like in the other beaches here the corals and fish are awe inspiring. This peach is a gift to the entire family.

For more information visit US Virgin Islands Tourism Site

Marine Life in Salomon Beach in St John USVI

Marine Life in Salomon Beach in St John USVI

Salomon Beach

This was once a nudist beach, but since the new legislation, nude bathing is no longer allowed in St John USVI. So, don’t break the laws because you may get a fine of a few hundred dollars and even jail time.

This beach is accessible only by boat or by difficult hiking through the trailing provided by the authorities

The waters are calm and shallow in Salomon Beach and the coral reefs are spectacular. This is a great place for beginning snorkelers. The reefs between Salomon Beach and Honeymoon Bay are unique.

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