St Maarten Beaches
In the Dutch Antilles

I am going to describe St Maarten Beaches one by one. I love St Maarten from having been there many times with my wife and with the whole family. We have been to the Dutch and the French side of St Martin.

Cupecoy Beach in Dutch St Maarten in the Caribbean

Cupecoy Beach in Dutch St Maarten in the Caribbean

One Island – Two Nationalities

The tiny St Martin Island is shared by the Netherlands and France for many years. It was divided in a friendly way and there is no border to cross when you go from French St Martin to Dutch St Maarten. All government functions are totally separated by the Dutch and the French. French is spoken in one side and Dutch is spoken on the other side, but English is the common language of the island.

The people on both sides are very nice and friendly and will go to any length to make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. Their beaches are considered one of the most beautiful Caribbean Beaches, together with the St Martin Beaches.

A plane landing over the beach in St Maarten

A plane landing over the beach in St Maarten

Getting there

You may arrive on the island via St Maarten Airport called Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) with service from Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

You may also arrive by boat from the neighboring islands of Saba, Antigua, Anguilla and many more.

St Maarten Beaches

The Westin Resort at Dawn Beach St Maarten

The Westin Resort at Dawn Beach St Maarten

St Maarten Beaches

The Dutch side is part of a group that used to be called the Netherlands Antilles which unite five islands of the Caribbean; St Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean and Curacao and Bonaire Island on the southwestern side, next to the South American coast. Nowadays they are municipalities of Holland

Aruba used to be part of the group, but it is now an independent country. Here are a few of the most pristine and desirable beaches of the Caribbean.

  • Dawn Beach

Is a fine white powder beach facing the east side of the island. Those early risers may enjoy spectaculars sunrise with the island of St Barth at the distance. It has incredible coral reefs making snorkeling a must in this beach. The surf is sometimes wild. I do not recommend this beach for small children.

Point Blanche Beach in Dutch St Maarten

Point Blanche Beach in Dutch St Maarten

  • Pointe Blanche

This beach is located on the south of St Maarten next to Philipsburg, the capital. It’s a quite and calm beach

  • Guana Bay

It is a quite beach with excellent white sand and attractive surf for body boarding and surfing. It is large and has no shades.

  • Great Bay

This beach is usually visited by cruise ships tourists because its proximity to Philipsburg busy Business Street.

Little bay one of St Maarten Beaches

Little Bay one of St Maarten Beaches

St Maarten Beaches

  • Little Bay

It is very picturesque with fine white sand.

  • Pelican Key

It is famous for snorkeling on this island. Since the area is very populated, it hosts an array of Restaurants, boutiques, bars and casinos

  • Kim Sha Beach

It is short and flat. Many boats excursions go from here.

  • Burgeaux Bay

It is a calm and small beach near the villas and the sea. To go to the beach, which is public like all beaches here, find a path between the villas.

  • Maho Beach

No beach vacation in St Maarten is complete without a visit to this beach and viewing the spectacular sunset

Simpson Bay Beach in St Maarten

Simpson Bay Beach in St Maarten

  • Simpson Bay Beach

Is by the International Airport is a long white sand beach making a curve. It hosts many hotels and guest houses.

For more information visit St Maarten Tourism Website

Mullet Bay is one of the best beaches in St Maarten

Mullet Bay is one of the best beaches in St Maarten

St Marten Beaches

  • Mullet Bay

It is a large strip of white sand. It’s known to be very good for surfers.

  • Cupecoy Beach

It is one of the exotic beaches of the island. Here clothing is optional. It is located on the west of St Maarten. Over the years it has developed as a meeting point for naturists. The waters are a bit rough therefore good for surfing.

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