St Martin Beaches
Idyllic French Beaches

St Martin Beaches are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean and perhaps in the world. This is such a well known fact that visitors come from all over to enjoy these idyllic beaches.

From my experience in travel I can compare these beaches only with those in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean. I am going to give you a full description one by one of this side of the island like I did for the Dutch side of St Maarten Island.

Remember this is a tiny island divided in two, the Dutch side and the French side.

Orient Bay Beach a

Orient Bay Beach a "swimsuit optional" beach

Great St Martin Beaches

  • Baie Orientale or in English Orient Bay Beach

This is one of the best of the St Martin beaches, attracting many tourists. It is the most famous of the Caribbean Beaches. What makes it famous is being the island’s “swimsuit optional beach”.

At the southern tip is the Orient Club, the island’s only naturist resort.

  • Baie Nettle or Nettle Bay

Is a lovely beach with calm waters in which you can stay for the day. Also known as Nettle Bay is a long stretch of beach, usually calm. It is located next to Simpson Bay Lagoon close to the border with St Maarten.

  • Happy Bay Beach

Is a deserted beach with still waters, ideal for those looking for solace and silence. Known in French by Anse Heureuse is almost undiscovered, because is not so easy to get to it.

  • Friar’s bay or in French Anse des Peres

Located north of Marigot, St Martin's capital is a family oriented beach, calm and protected from big surfs.

White sands and crystal clear waters in St Martin

White sands and crystal clear waters in St Martin

  • Baie Rouge

It lies on the west of St Martin Island near the capital. No good access to the beach. There are some facilities for drinks and food.

  • Baie Longe or Long Bay

Is made of miles of white powdered sand, great for long strolls. It hosts the world renowned La Samanna Hotel, one of the best Beaches Resorts .

Long Bay, as the name implies it is the longest stretch of white sand beach on the island. It is also one of the most quiet, intimate beaches, and the best for sun-worshipers. Long Bay is also great for Diving and  Snorkeling.

  • Baie aux Prunes or Plum Bay Beach

Its golden sand is unspoiled. The place is ideal for peaceful relaxation as well as for good Caribbean surfing. The beach is very little visited during weekdays, although beautiful and without a doubt one of the most peaceful and romantic beaches on the island.

St Martin Beaches

The Beach Club at Grand Case Beach

The Beach Club at Grand Case Beach

  • Grand Case Beach

Is relaxed and charming. Grande Case, the town is by far the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean Cuisine. The beachfront is lined with many eateries displaying many local “lolos” to high end French Restaurants some with a great view of neighboring Anguilla.

One of the best dinners we ever had in the Caribbean was at “Chez Martine” Restaurant. It is highly recommended.

  • Anse Marcel Beach

It is the home of the great Caribbean Beach resort Le Meridien. The family oriented beach is made of golden sand and calm waters.

It is nestled in a beautiful tropical quiet bay. It is a white sandy beach with shade and calm waters. The shallow and calm water is ideal for families with small children.

L'Habitation de Lonvilliers Luxury Beach Resort

L'Habitation de Lonvilliers Luxury Beach Resort

  • Le Galion Beach

Also called Coconut Grove, Baie de l´Embouchure, and nicknamed "Baby Beach", is the next bay Southeast of Orient Bay.

This laid back beach is surrounded by a coral reef that serves as a protection, providing calm and shallow waters.

  • Petites Cayes

Is a tiny, uninhabited island off the northern shore of French St Martin. It is yet another secluded, deserted beach. The only way to this beach is by boat or a twenty minute walk along the coast.

  • Coralita Beach

It is part of the Baie Lucas, situated between Oyster Pond and Le Galion Northeast of the island. It is a pretty, small deserted beach. This peaceful beach is a good spot for families and honeymooners.

Ilet Pinel near St Martin ideal for a day tour

Ilet Pinel near St Martin Beaches ideal for a day tour

  • Ilet Pinel

This underdeveloped islet is visited by many tourists for the day. They enjoy the white sandy beaches and good snorkeling. Charming Pinel Island, is a tiny island on the north end of St. Martin, 5 minutes off the shores of French Cul de Sac, and a few hundred yards off the northern end of Orient Bay.

Right on the border between the French and the Dutch side of the island lies Oyster Pond. It doesn't have a beach, but a picturesque harbor that protects sailboats and charters from the choppy Atlantic.

The French Caribbean Islands are idyllic but St Martin is just unique....

For more information visit St Martin Tourism Website

Map of French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten

Map of French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten

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