St Tropez Beach
Where Celebrities come to See and be Seen

St Tropez Beach or beaches has been for many decades the place in France where the celebrities come to see and be seen.

At one point you may see Barbra Streisand in one street and on the other Brad and Angelina. Out of the French Riviera Beaches they are the most famous. Here are some of the beaches resorts in this Super Destination.

Saint Tropez

Aerial View of Saint Tropez and yachts served by the port

Getting to St Tropez France

By Sea - If you can afford a yacht this is the easiest and most expensive of all ways to get to St Tropez, but the marinas here can host smaller yachts of all types

By Air – There is no local airport in St Tropez and the nearest ones are

  • Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
  • La Môle - Saint-Tropez   
  • Toulon-Hyères Airport
  • Marseille Provence Airport

By rail - The nearest station is Saint Raphael. Arriving by train you may get to St Tropez by boat or by bus.

St Tropez Beach

Pampleonne Bay

Aerial view of Pampelonne Bay where St Tropez Beach is located

Pampelonne beach

This is the beach that started the trend of visitors to St Tropez France since the 1950’s when the rich and famous started to flock to its shores.

The place is very expensive; they take advantage of the fame and charge outrageous sums of money, like for example the rental of mattresses and or umbrellas at the beach may be 30 Euros.

If you want to eat lunch in one of the eateries even after waiting on line you may end paying about 50 Euros.

Plage de Tahiti a great St Tropez Beach on the Mediterranean

Plage de Tahiti

This beach is located in the Baie de Pampelonne, across the peninsula of St Tropez. The then young and beautiful Brigitte Bardot brought this beach to fame in the 1960’s and since then it gets better and better.

Again, here you may find many celebrities with their entourage of bodyguards trying to stop you from taking pictures.

This was once a small fishing village and today you may see many yachts docked at the pier.

There are great stretches of sand for the sun worshipers, many cafes and restaurants and of course many shops where you may max up your credit cards.

But if shopping is not your thing, you may try the many Watersports facilities available in Plage de Tahiti.

There is a Beach Club established in the 1940’s which is very exclusive appropriately named Tahiti and decorated on a Polynesian style.

It is the best restaurant at this beach and the fish is incredibly fresh and delicious.

For more information go to St Tropez Tourism Board

Plage de la Bouillabaisse in St Tropez France

Plage de la Bouillabaisse in St Tropez France

Other beaches nearer town

Some are not so famous like the previous two, but they are at walking distance to town.

La Ponche, La Glaye and La Fontanette. Are three small Beaches near the old part of St Tropez, not to much to do there but they are great for a quick dip and a couple of hours of relaxation.

Plage de la Bouillabaisse

It is a nice beach not so crowded and located near the exit of tow. The views from here across the bay are awe inspiring

Plage des Graniers

This is a free beach and is very nice also. There is a restaurant to have a quick lunch or drink on the way out of St Tropez along the Sentier du Littoral.

Plage des Salins outside of St Tropez

Plage des Salins outside of St Tropez

Plage des Salins

Since it’s the last beach before Pampelonne, some think it is part of the latter, but it is a separate beach altogether. It is wider and more relaxed than Pampelonne.

Nikki Beach

This is a branch of the famous Nikki Beach Club in Miami with the finest restaurants and poolside entertainment. The place is famous for its sexy flirting. People arrive here in helicopter or in their luxury yachts.

It is located inland close to the beach.

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