St Vincent Grenadines
A Well Kept Secret in the Caribbean

St Vincent Grenadines is an archipelago of the big island of St Vincent and the smaller Grenadines. They are located in the Southern Caribbean, south of St Lucia and north of Grenada.

Look at this country of St Vincent and the Grenadines from space and you’ll see the big island of St Vincent as a kite in the sky and the little sisters the Grenadine islands of Bequia, Mustique, Mayreau, Palm, Union and Petit St Vincent as the kite’s tail.

The beaches on these islands are awe inspiring

The beaches on these islands are awe inspiring

St Vincent Island

St Vincent is of volcanic origin and the vegetation is thick and lush forest cover the island. It hosts a spectacular flora and fauna and unspoiled landscapes surrounded by awe inspiring turquoise waters.

St Vincent and the idyllic islets and cays, some of them deserted, of the Grenadines have become an important destination for Eco-tourism from all over the world. You’ll find that hiking is a marvel through the nature trails and you’ll be able to take a rest and swim in one of the many waterfalls.

The extraordinary pristine waters surrounding the islands of the archipelago are a heaven for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. Under the sea there are full coral gardens of unparalleled beauty.

A very popular activity is now emerging in the islands, and it’s on the area of sport fishing. The islets and cays are full of tropical fishes like angelfish, dorado, tuna, marlin and flounder among others.

The center of life and business is the big island of St Vincent and its capital Kingstown is the beginning of your visit to the country. If time is available there are many sites to visit on the island, but if you don’t have unlimited time start your trip visiting the little islands. Each one has its own personality.

Chateaublair Beach  in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Chateaublair Beach  in St Vincent Grenadines

Awe inspiring St Vincent Beaches

Leeward side

  • Chateaubelair

    This beach has a reef that is the dream of any snorkelers. It is populated by beautiful color fish and spectacular colors of undersea life.

  • Wallilabou
  • CumberLand Bay
  • Petit Byahaut
  • Troumaca Bay
  • Young Island Cut

    Those are small bays great for snorkeling and scuba diving. And also good for yachting.

  • Mount Wynne

    This beach is a local’s favorite. The sea is calm and the sands are black. It has facilities for picnics.

St Vincent Grenadines

Villa Beach and Indian Bay in St Vincent

Villa Beach and Indian Bay in St Vincent

South East Coast

  • Villa Beach and Indian Bay

    These two white sand beaches are on the Southeast coast of the island of St Vincent.

    They are divided by a small hill and both are very good for snorkeling. From here you will have an impressive view of the Grenadine Islands.

  • Blue Lagoon

    This beach is surrounded by palm trees it hosts Barefoot Yacht Charters and the Lagoon Marina.

Windward Coast

  • Brighton Beach is a secluded black sand beach. This beach faces the Grenadines. It has high waves.

  • Argyle is a long back sand beach with high surf due to its location on the Atlantic side. Many of the windward beaches are not recommended for swimming.

  • Black Point Is a picturesque long beach

Admiralty bay in Bequia meeting point of luxury yachts

Admiralty bay in Bequia meeting point of luxury yachts

The main Grenadine Islands

  • Bequia

    The island of Bequia offers the best beaches and hosts most of the activities that a tourist looks for, in the main town of Port Elizabeth or around the tiny island. It is an easy ferry ride away from the big island and luxurious yachts from all over the world are regular visitors on the blue waters of Admiralty Bay.

  • Mustique

    Mustique is the top “creme de la creme” of the Grenadines. It is privately owned by a British Lord, and features many private villas catering to the Rich and Famous of the world like Tommy Hilfiger and Mick Jagger.

  • Young Island
  • Canouan
  • Mayreau
  • Mustique
  • Tobago Cays
  • Union Island
  • Palm Island
  • Petit St Vincent

For information go to St Vincent Grenadines Tourism Site

Mustique is one of the Grenadine Islands

Mustique is one of the Grenadine Islands

Don’t let the time go by. Don’t miss this beautiful country. St Vincent Grenadines is waiting for you.

Getting there

Fly to E.T. Joshua Airport, St. Vincent Airport (code SVD).  Flights to St. Vincent route through Barbados, San Juan Puerto Rico, St. Lucia or Trinidad. The most common routes from outside the Caribbean come through Barbados and San Juan.

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