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Due to its latitude, summer in Sweden has very long days and it could be quiet hot as opposed to the bitter cold winters with very short days.

As soon as the weather allows it, people of Sweden flock to their beautiful beaches in the Baltic Sea that covers its Eastern Coast and where the Island of Gotland is located.

Varamon Beach is a lake beach popular with locals and tourists

Varamon Beach is a lake beach popular with locals and tourists

Most popular beaches in Continental Sweden

  • Varamon Beach

It is located in Ostergotland in the center of southern Sweden. This is a popular beach for locals and tourists alike.

It features soft sands, public facilities and all kind of activities for the young and the not so young.

It is a really nice lake beach with crystal clear and fresh waters. To reach this beach, just go to the city of Motala and follow the signs.

  • Langholmsbadet Beach
  • Smedsuddsbadet Beach

These two beaches are right in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden. They have many public facilities for swimmers and many restaurants and cafes to service the crowd.

Once in Stockholm during summer try to go to any of the two and if it is crowded, then become one of the crowd and enjoy your day.

Swedish Beaches

Boda Beach in Southern Sweden

Boda Beach in Southern Sweden

  • Boda Beach on Oland

Boda is located on the island of Oland, a long and narrow island next to the coast of Southern Sweden. You may get there via Road 137 that connects the city of Kalmar to Oland. Boda Beach is long and features lots of soft sand, water sports and many public amenities like camping and even a nice golf course.

  • Skane Beaches

The southern Swedish county of Skane is known to have the best beaches in Sweden. It is known as the Swedish Riviera. It offers long warm beaches. These beaches are so popular that even the Danish cross the Oresund Bridge to go to these beaches.

Skane Beach is in the Swedish Riviera popular with the Danish neighbors

Skane Beach is in the Swedish Riviera popular with the Danish

Swedish Beaches of Gotland Island

Gotland Sweden is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. It lies about one hundred km off the southeastern coast of Sweden.

Its geographical size is comparable to the one of Long Island, New York but with a year round population of less than 60,000. In the las decades the beach seekers have discovered the west coast of the island and its town Visby and now it is becoming a popular spot for beach goers.

  • Sudersand Beach

This beach is located on the Island of Gotland. Actually on a tiny island on the north of Gotland called Faro.It is known as one of the best beaches of Sweden.

To reach this beach you have to take a ferry from Stockholm to Visby and another ferry from Visby to Faro. The beach has all amenities like accommodations, restaurants, and boat rental and water sports.

For more information visit Sweden Tourism Website

Sudersand Beach on the Island of Gotland Sweden

Sudersand Beach on the Island of Gotland Sweden

More Beaches in Gotland Island

The beautiful Coastline and Silky Sand Beaches of Gotland lie within cycling distance and the ride along the cliffs is easily worth the negligible cost of renting a bike.

If you get really tired, you can even take your bike on the bus. Gotland has many sandy beaches but also stony coastlines. Relax by taking long walks along the beaches. By the way - Gotland has Sweden’s sunshine record.

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