Taiwan Beaches
Among Asia's Best

Taiwan Beaches are among Asia’s best beaches, many of them with white sands and the weather is ideal year round, especially on the tropical south. The perfect months to visit the island are from May to October when the climate is hot and humid.

Almost all the beaches are geared towards water activities, such as surfing, rafting, snorkeling and diving as well as sailing, windsurfing and fishing. The outlying islands feature some of the best beaches and are still not so developed. Here are the best beaches in Taiwan.

Amazing Baishawan Beach on Taiwan's northern coast

Amazing Baishawan Beach on Taiwan's northern coast

Baishawan Beach

Located on the northern region of Taiwan, this beautiful beach features white sands on a 1 Km length. The waters are crystal clear.

It is somewhat underdeveloped with no facilities of beds and umbrellas. Here you won’t find canteens of bars, so that said; you should bring your own gear and food for a great day at the beach.

This beach is situated between Linshanbi, a gravel beach and Cape Fuguei, called Fufueijiao, past the town of Sanzhir. It’s about 40 minutes drive from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Sanzhir Town Beach

Sanzhir Town Beach

Sanzhir Town Beach

This town beach features fine white sands. The town offers a few restaurants and coffee shops. It was very famous for a resort complex built in the area that was later demolished in 2009. I heard they are planning to remodel it.

Jinshan Beach facing the East China Sea

Jinshan Beach facing the East China Sea

Chinshan (Jinshan) Beach

Jinshan Beach is located on the northeastern side facing the East China Sea and surrounded by high hills.

To its east lies Keelung and to its west lies Shihmen and Danshuei, with good roads connecting the several beaches.

The 500 m long by 200 m wide beach is very popular and during summers it may be packed with sun tanners and swimmers.

Feicueiwan Beach

Also called Green Bay, it is located on the northern coast, very close to Yeliou Geo-park. It is a well developed recreational area with many water sports on crescent shaped beach of 1,500 m length.

In Feicueiwan you may want to do water skiing, sailing, and windsurfing, surfing, parasailing as well as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Taiwan Beaches

Fulong Beach in Taiwan Popular for its music festivals

Fulong Beach in Taiwan is popular for its music festivals

Fulong Beach

This one is located on the northern coast in Fulong Village. These are actually two beaches; one is regular sea beach and the other a river beach going inland and parallel to the Shuangsi River.

They are connected by a bridge. Visitors and locals use the river beach for canoeing and windsurfing, while the sea beach is mostly for swimming and sun tanning.

Every July and August, the famous Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival is held at Fulong Beach. A stage is installed on the beach, on which rock and pop music is performed nonstop for days.

People come in from Taipei and the surrounding towns to join the event and enjoy the music. The festival has become one of the biggest music events in Taiwan's long hot summer, and a highlight for young people and music lovers.

Honeymoon Bay (Dashi)

This beach is one of the top surfing spots in Taiwan; the currents are very strong, so use your common sense.

Tongxiao Marine Life Park & Bathing Beach

Tongxiao Marine Life Park & Bathing Beach

West Coast Beaches in Taiwan

Tongxiao Marine Life Park & Bathing Beach

This is the largest beach in Taiwan, located on the western coast in Miaoli County. It is an ideal beach for family reunions.

The marine park is a delight for the children and the rest of the family.

Cisingtan Beach on the east coast of Taiwan

Cisingtan Beach on the east coast of Taiwan

East Coast Taiwan Beaches

Cisingtan Beach, Hualien

Located just outside the port city of Hualien, this is a stone beach. It is frequently visited by beachcombers. It is not good for swimming due to the strong currents.

Jici Beach

Just a half hour drive from Hualien, this beach offers great swimming and surfing. It is an underdeveloped black sand beach. There are no beach facilities on Jici Beach.

Kending Beach is the most popular of Taiwan Beaches

Kending Beach is the most popular of Taiwan Beaches

Southern Taiwan Beaches


Also spelled Kending, it is located in Southern Taiwan. It is the most popular beach destination on the island. It features golden sands surrounded by a 180,000 sq meters national park. It faces the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Taiwan Strait to the west.

Here the visitor will find practically all water activities facilities, for the young and for the whole family. It enjoys a year round tropical weather.

Kending's coral reefs are renowned for its rich marine life, a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Chaiao Tou Beach Park (Anping Beach)

This beach is not so crowded during summer because most people go to Kenting. It is underdeveloped, so better bring your beach gear like towels and umbrellas.

Panghu Island offshore of Taiwan's coast

Penghu Island offshore of Taiwan's coast

Beaches on Taiwan’s Outlying Islands

The Penghu Islands

This archipelago consists of about 90 islands some of them uninhabited. Actually only 20 are inhabited. The beaches are so beautiful that it has been nicknamed the Little Hawaii of Taiwan.

Windsurfers come here from every corner of the world and international wind-surfing tours and contests are held here regularly every year.

Jibei Beach

In the Penghu archipelago, a stunning silky white sand beach on the southwestern side of the island.

Bikini Island

Also called the Bikini Atoll is the ideal beach for snorkelers and divers due to the amount of submerged reefs.

Orchid Island (Lanyu) 

Features spectacular beaches surrounded by mountains and lush rainforests. They offer an array of water sports.

Dongcing Bay

On the eastern side of the island is a beautiful white sands beach, ideally located facing east to watch the sunrise.

Green Island also called Lyudao on Taiwan's southeast

Green Island also called Lyudao on Taiwan's southeast

Green Island (Lyudao)

Green Island lies off the southeast coast of Taiwan and takes less than an hour to reach by boat.

If you rent a scooter you may navigated the whole island in about an hour. What characterizes this island is the green scenery of lush vegetation on the mountains. The beaches are of white sand and the waters are sparkling blue.

Here you’ll find the only world’s natural seawater hot-spring. Please don’t miss it.

For more information visit Taiwan Tourism Website

Map of Taiwan and the offshore islands

Map of Taiwan and the offshore islands

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