Tamil Nadu Beaches
On the Gulf of Bengal

Tamil Nadu beaches are the most important attractions of this state located on the eastern coast of India facing the Gulf of Bengal. This state features some of the best Indian Beaches with a charm of their own.

Covelong Beach in Tamil Nadu an amazing beauty

Covelong Beach in Tamil Nadu an amazing beauty

Covelong Beach

Tourists get mesmerized by the beauty of this beach. The calm blue sea and the golden sandy beaches of Covelong are awe inspiring.

It is located 40 Km from Chennai and is ideal for those seeking solitude on their vacation. It offers excellent opportunities for water sports.

The city features many Churches, Mosques and Forts which reflect the history of Covelong.

Kanniyakumari Beach with Vivekananda Rock

Kanniyakumari Beach with Vivekananda Rock


It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. It features incredible sunsets.

The world famous Vivekananda Rock and the sacred Temple of Bhagavathi are some of the attractions of this beach, besides the golden sands and splendorous waters.

Rameswaram Beach

Located at the end of the southeast corner of the Indian Peninsula this is the holy land of Lord Rama, reminding us of the earliest origin of civilization. Today is a popular pilgrimage site.

Transformed into a major tourist spot, the place stands tall with its world famous Ramanatha Swamy Temple.

Pulicat Beach on the Bay of Bengal

Pulicat Beach one of Tamil Nadu Beaches in the Bay of Bengal

Pulicat Beach

It is located 60 Km north of Chennai. It provides an atmosphere of serenity. Pulicat is surrounded by blue waters of the sea and the lakes. Pulicat Lake with its back to the Bay of Bengal is one of the most important tourists’ spots of South India.

The small island of Pulicat is inhabited by a population of 30,000 of which most of them are fishermen. The island is a paradise for scuba divers due to its reach marine life. On land one can find endangered birds species and aquatic and terrestrial animals.


This is a quiet and beautiful sea beach in the Remnad district of Tamil Nadu. Once a ruling ground of British personnel, the place today attracts huge number of visitors from all over the world.

It is known for its coral reefs that attracts many divers and snorkelers. The nearby islands can be accessed through this beach on a boat ride, one of the top attractions of this beach.

Tamil Nadu Beaches

Kurusadai Beaches are a paradise for Divers

Kurusadai Beaches are a paradise for Divers

Kurusadai Islands

It is a recognized center for specialists and aquatic researchers due to its rich marine life and coral reefs. With proper approval of the fisheries department the place can be visited by general people.

Here you may watch the dolphins and sea cows diving freely in the Gulf of Mannar. This island is world known for its wealth of atypical balanoglossus organism which is one of most precious living fossils available in the aqua biosphere of earth.


This is another exiting tourist destination in India. This beach is known for its serene waters and natural estuary.

The awesome landscape attracts many visitors for its sunrises and sunsets

This beach offers the tourist with a wide range of leisure time activities such as fishing, windsurfing and of course the sandy beaches.

For more information visit India Tourism Website

Mamallapuram Beach near Chenai the Capital of Tamil Nadu

Mamallapuram Beach near Chenai the Capital of Tamil Nadu


Located 60 Km from the capital city of Chennai reminds us of the cultural and historic importance of the area in ancient times.

This beach features an exotic view that leaves tourists with a sigh of awe and wonder. The blue sea with the golden sands is an addition to the beauty of this place.


The enchanting seaside and the golden beaches of Poompuhar create a paradise for nature lovers. The crystal clear water of the river Kaveri and the tall coconut trees bordering the river gives a divine look to the place.

The city of Poompuhar is known for numerous sculptures, temples and monuments reflecting the rich architectural history of the past. The Zion Church, Town Gate, Danish Fort and Danish Governor Bungalow have been built the style of the Danish architecture.

Sadurangapatinam is a busy fishing village in Tamil Nadu

Sadurangapatinam is a busy fishing village in Tamil Nadu


Inhabited mostly by fishermen and located only 16 Km from Mamallapuram, it offers an array of flora and fauna as well as a rich history.

During the day it becomes very busy when fishermen sell their catches to locals and tourists alike, but when evening comes it regains its peaceful atmosphere.


Dakhinachitra Beach is located less than 1 Km from famous Muttukkadu Beach.

It is an ideal place to spend vacations with family and friends with opportunities for sunbathing, swimming.

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