Tarragona Beaches
The Best of the Gold Coast of Spain

Tarragona Beaches are known for its golden fine sands. This is the reason this area is called Golden Coast or Costa Daurada in Catalan.

It’s the ideal place for a beach holiday in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. Most of the beaches are equipped with restrooms, showers, cafes and restaurants and many more amenities.

El Miracle the most popular beach in Tarragona Spain

El Miracle the most popular beach in Tarragona Spain

El Miracle

Called El Balcon del Meditteraneo, this Tarragona’s main beach. It features 500 meters of width and 75 meters width. It is easy to reach via the promenade from downtown Tarragona.

It is one of the best places to spend a day of swimming or sun tanning. Being an urban beach, it offers all amenities for the delight of locals and visitors alike, including disabled access.

Playa de la Pineda

This beach is known for its calm waters, so swimming is safe here. It features a 2.5 km beach promenade for walking or jogging. They have all amenities and equipment for rent.

This is the right place to start your Tarragona vacation.


This golden sand beach is the most family oriented in Tarragona. It has been awarded a Blue Flag because of its cleanliness

The 550 by 75-meter beach has all facilities such as showers, restrooms, cafes and restaurants.

La Savinosa

Surrounded by amazing nature, it is also a Blue Flag Beach. Its golden sand and crystal-clear waters attract many people, but it is never crowded.

It is also a nudist beach and has walkways and many facilities for disable people.

Playa Larga

As the name implies, this is the longest beach in the area with 3 km of golden sands in a beautiful natural area.

You may rent your sunbed and umbrella here and enjoy of many other beach facilities.

Tarragona Beaches

Altafulla is one of the amazing Tarragona Beaches

Altafulla is one of the amazing Tarragona Beaches


Altafulla Beach is 1,100 meters long by only 20 meters wide. It is part of a sailing club that hosts international championships. Tournaments of Volleyball are also organized here.

Located just 10 minutes from the city, it is known for its white buildings and golden sands. It is also a Blue Flag Beach and it is maintained very clean.

Cala Fonda

This natural cove, 10 km from Tarragona near a town called La Mora, is also called Waikiki Beach after the famous beach in Hawaii.

It offers visitors a great day on the calm waters beach. It is very easy to reach.

Roca Plana

Meaning Flat Rock, it is located next to Cala Fonda. It is a quiet nudist beach with all facilities and calm waters.

The green vegetation makes a beautiful contrast with its golden fine sands. You may walk there from Playa Larga and Punta de la Mora.

Playa La Mora

This 520 by 65-meter beach is also a Blue Flag one. It is usually not so busy, but has all facilities like showers, restrooms and the renting of sunbeds, umbrellas and other equipment.

The Golf Club Costa Daurada is just over 2.5 km from this beach, with 18 holes and a swimming pool among other things.

Cala Jovera

This is an amazing secluded cove surrounded by green nature and with the view of the impressive Castle of Tamarit, at the top of the cliff.

Like all Tarragona Beaches is made of golden sand and crystalline waters. It is a small cove but very attractive.

Llevant Beach located in Salou near Tarragona

Llevant Beach located in Salou near Tarragona

Llevant Beach

This beach located in Salou, is a 1.2 km one with crystalline waters ideal for swimming and water sports.

Bring the children and build sand castles, or just relax sun tanning while you enjoy the look at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Rent jet skis, or just stroll on the promenade where you’ll find a number of restaurants and cafes.

For more information visit Tarragona Tourism Website

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miracle by tarragona tourisme
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arrabasada by jorge camara
savinosa by jorge gili
playa larga by jf268
altafulla, cala fonda, roca plana all by jorge franganillo
la mora, llevant by isidro jabato
jovera by paulaarbeloa

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