Tel Aviv Beaches
Along the Mediterranean Coast

Tel Aviv beaches are a combination of a few beaches considered among the best in the Mediterranean. The weather is great year round.

Even during the winter months that may look cold for me or my readers, you’ll be surprised how many young and not so young people enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv Israel a Non-Stop City.

Tel Aviv the Miami Beach of the Mediterranean

Tel Aviv the Miami Beach of the Mediterranean

Recently National Geographic designated Tel Aviv as one of the Ten Best Beach Cities of the World and called it the Miami Beach of the Mediterranean. What a great honor for me. Until recently I was living in Miami near Miami Beach and now I live near Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Beach stretch from north to south through all the coast of the city and they are named according to the hotel they serve or the street nearby.

The legendary Metzitzim Beach in Tel Aviv

The legendary Metzitzim Beach in Tel Aviv

Metzitzim Beach

It is called for the legendary movie of Arik Einstein and Uri Zohar. It is very popular among the twenty, thirty something crowd. It is close to the Tel Aviv Port which is full of restaurants pubs and entertainment. The facilities have been recently refurbished. It also has a few joints to find some food. There are chairs around the beach.

This beach was called Sheraton beach years ago, but since the Sheraton is now further south this is a little confusing. This beach is very popular and some say it is the best one west of Thailand Beaches.

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Baruch and Hatzuk 

These are two very well kept beaches, pleasant, even exclusive. 

Both have an entrance fee, and entertain the wealthier inhabitants of Tel Aviv.

Religious Beach or Nordau

This is  designated for orthodox Religious citizens.

The beach is open for men and women on alternate days. On Shabbat it is public.

Hilton Beach

It is one of the nicest beaches of Tel Aviv. Also known as the Gay Beach.

As the name implies it is located underneath the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel and therefore somewhat secluded. 

Hilton Beach
Gordon Beach with the famous Dan Hotel across the street

Gordon Beach with the famous Dan Hotel across the street

Gordon Beach

It is located across the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Because of being centrally located it is very busy especially on the weekends.

The beach is nice and clean and has some facilities like toilets for a fee. At least they are reasonable clean.

Here you’ll find volleyball courts and a salt water pool (for a fee) and many eateries. Some of them may be a little expensive due to the amount of tourists flocking the area.

This beach and the eateries are open until late. Think what could be nicer that sip your favorite drinks sitting on a couch in one of these places while the sun goes down far on the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is definitely very romantic.

Frishman Beach

Is near the Dan Hotel and the US Embassy, it is a beautiful and clean beach with beach beds.

I like to get there early and then go across the street for a great Israeli Breakfast.

Jerusalem Geula Beach 

Is  less than an hour drive from Jerusalem. This beach is very busy and attracts young people playing Matkot, the Israeli invention of Ping Pong paddles with a hard ball.

Banana Beach

It is very crowded during weekends.

It is located across from the formed Dolphinarium and provides a view of Old Jaffa.

Chinki Beach also called Drum Beach is the happiest of all

Chinki Beach also called Drum Beach is the happiest of all

Chinki Beach

Also known as Drum Beach is the southernmost beach of Tel Aviv, reaching Yafo. The area is very crowded with young people during the weekends. There you may find lots of Drum Music and dancing on the beach. The beach is just neglected.

Going to the beach is part of the Israeli Culture. During the months of April to October every family makes plans to go to the beach. Tel Aviv Beaches is the place for all those living in the center of the Country.

Now you understand why Tel Aviv is called the Miami Beach of the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv Beaches are great. Just chose where to go according to your age group and your taste.

For more information visit the Israel Tourism website

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tlv beach    anton nossik
tlv beach matkot    david shankbone

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