Tobago Beaches
In the Southern Caribbean

Tobago Beaches are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Tobago is Trinidad’s little sister. Both form a prosperous nation called Trinidad Tobago.

Most visitors to Tobago come looking for sun, white exotic beaches and crystal clear waters. There are many beaches on both sides of the island.

Some are on the Atlantic Ocean side and feature dark gray volcanic sands while the ones on the calmer Caribbean side are surrounded by pristine white coral sands and palm trees providing the most necessary shade.

Spend your Best Beach Vacation in Tobago

Spend your Best Beach Vacation in Tobago

The island’s interior is mountainous reaching to 2,000 feet and contains a great variety of flowers, vegetation, waterfalls and wildlife.

The area is ideal for Nature lovers trekking under the supervision of experts. Just 20 minutes away by boat from the Beaches is Little Tobago, home of nearly 60 species of tropical bird of which many are very rare.

Nearby is private Goat Island surrounded by spectacular reefs that can be enjoyed with Glass Bottom Boats offering such service.

Buccoo Reef Beach with palms in Tobago

Buccoo Reef Beach with palms in Tobago

Tobago Beaches

Kilgwyn Bay & La Guira

The beach is a short walk past Sandy Point Beach. It is a very calm beach therefore great for children.

Sandy Point

It is located in the westernmost point of Tobago Islandat the end of the runway of the airport. It is relatively quiet and covered with white sands. It is bordered by palms and grape trees that provide the most needed shade.

Store Bay

Featuring many hotels and guesthouses, this beach is the most popular of the beaches of Tobago. The Store Bay Holiday Resort is located here. There are lifeguards, changing rooms and toilets as well a variety of small shops, restaurants and vendors. Beware of the big number of vendors.

Tobago Beaches
Only 20 minutes by ferry from Trinidad

Turtle Bay Beach in Tobago a place to enjoy your Best Beach Vacations

Turtle Bay Beach in Tobago a place to enjoy your Best Beach Vacations

Coconut Bay

This is a private man made beach belonging to the Coco Reef Resort and consisting of thousands of tons of Guyanese white river sand. It is one of the typical Tobago Beaches, but you can feel it is not natural. The only access to the beach is via the hotel. Chargeable admission to the beach, facilities and restaurants is available from the front desk.

Cable Bay

It is located right at the bottom of Pigeon Point Road and borders Coconut Bay. This small yellow sand beach is reasonably sheltered, but becomes rocky further out. It is popular with local children.

Pigeon Point

The peninsula of Pigeon Point is the most beautiful of Tobago Beaches and home to the famous thatch roofed jetty which has become an internationally recognized signature theme for Tobago Beaches.

Buccoo Bay Tobago protected by the Buccoo Reef

Buccoo Bay Tobago protected by the Buccoo Reef

Buccoo Bay

A long narrow white sand beach protected by famous Buccoo Reef. The beach becomes very narrow at high tide. A small beach bar and toilet facilities are available. The swimming is good and the beach invariably deserted.

Grange Beach

Known locally as The Wall, this beach is just past the Mount Irvine Golf Course. Grange Beach is ideal for swimming and an increasingly popular spot with surfers.

Back Bay

This is a small, quiet secluded beach with good body surfing waves. Access to the beach involves a bit of a scramble down the cliffs. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Tobago beaches.

Rafton Beach

This is an attractive stretch of sand beach serviced by Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort and the Grafton Beach Resort. The waves can be very powerful here and you are advised to stay close to the shore to avoid dangerous currents.

Castara Village Bay Beach in Tobago

Castara Village Bay Beach in Tobago

Stonehaven Beach

This is one of the three Tobago beaches where the endangered giant Leatherback turtle comes ashore between March and June to lay their eggs which will hatch around three months later.

Great Courland Bay

Any of the side streets in Black Rock Village will take you down to the southern end of Great Courland Bay's beaches.

Turtle Beach

Still in Great Courland Bay, famous Turtle Beach is a mile long sandy, sloping beach famous as a nesting site for giant leatherback turtles.

Back Bay, Plymouth

This is a relatively small beach in the grounds of the Arnos Vale Hotel. The swimming is normally good at Arnos Vale beach and the snorkeling recognized as arguably the best on the island.

Anse Fromager on the Island of Tobago

Anse Fromager on the Island of Tobago

Anse Fromager

This is a rocky stretch of coast with limited possibilities. Access is down steep cliffs from the Mot Trail.

Culloden Bay

A small rocky bay and beach with an unspoiled reef that is ideal for Caribbean Snorkeling. Culloden Bay is also home to two smaller bays, Washerwoman's Bay and Little Bay.

King Peter's Bay

This is a deserted calm bay with a dark sand beach. Good for snorkeling. Castara Bay Castara has two beautiful golden sand beaches both great for swimming. Big Bay is the focus of the village.

For more information Trinidad Tobago Tourism Website

Tobago Map showing its amazing beaches

Tobago Map showing its amazing beaches

Tobago is the ideal setting for your Caribbean Weddings, Honeymoon or just a Romantic Getaways

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