UK Beaches
Ideal for the Long Summer Days

UK Beaches is not the first group of beaches one thinks when looking for a great beach vacation. WRONG…..

It is true the United Kingdom is located on high latitude and its beaches are not tropical, but they have great sandy beaches that are used during the summer months

I tried to choose the best of them and it was an easy task, since there are plenty of gorgeous beaches in Britain. Here are a few of them and mentioning the location is this vast Island.

Blackpool Beach is the

Blackpool Beach is the "Conney Island" of the United Kingdom

Blackpool Beach

Located in Lancashire this is a beach that is most used for its plenty activities as opposed to swimming and enjoying the waters. It is a complete “Coney Island” with roller coasters, slot machines, all kind of food and ice cream stands. The Blackpool Tower stands in the center of all. To summarize this is a very famous spot among UK Beaches.

West Wittering

This beach is located on West Sussex and features a large stretch of sands with clean clear waters. It is surrounded by sand dunes. It is a shallow beach allowing great swimming and the visit of families with small children. If this is too relaxed for you, hike around East Head with lots of submarine flora and fauna.

Huisinis Beach off the coast of Scotland on the Outer Hebrides

Huisinis Beach off the coast of Scotland on the Outer Hebrides

Huisinis Beach

Located off the coast of Scotland on the Outer Hebrides is a natural beach with no amenities of cars with refreshments or ice cream. It is you and the beach. Many people like this, because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach and achieve total relaxation. While you enjoy the beach you may take a look at the Island of Scarp or hike to the cliffs hopping to find some eagles, gannets and deer.

Croyde Bay

This North Devon beach is a paradise for surfers; the waves are high almost all the time. Despite the affluence of young crowd of surfers, the town itself has retained its old charm.

Great Bay

This beach is located in St Martin on the Isles of Sicily. It can only be reaches by food but the walk is short. It is a 20 minutes’ walk from the port but the walk is worth it. This cove has white sands and dark blue waters with an abundance of fish and marine life.

Abereiddi Blue Lagoon

This is actually a lagoon with a tidal channel to the sea. The azure waters of this perfect circular lagoon are an inspiration for romantic moments. Located in Pembroke shire this beach is accessed only by hikers and adventure seekers.

Holkham Beach

Located on Norfolk’s east coast, this secluded beach surrounded by a verdant pine forest, this beach was where Gwyneth Paltrow walked on the last scenes of Shakespeare in Love, the famous film. They say that the Queen also likes to walk her Corgis on this beach.

For us, regular people, this is a great beach to explore and at the same time enjoy one of the largest nature reserves in England Beaches.

UK Beaches

Bournemouth Beach is one of the best of the UK Beaches

Bournemouth Beach is one of the Best of the UK Beaches

Bournemouth Beach

Located in Dorset, this beach is a seven mile stretch of pure golden sand. It is actually one of the best beach cities in the UK. The vastness of the beach allow for great family vacations.

This beach has won rewards for cleanliness, but is a little crowded. Well, it is located near a big city attracting many locals from this town. In a clear day you may see from far the Isle of Wight.

Holy Island

This beach has been considered one of the most stunning UK Beaches. It names tells us that this area was where Christianity first settled in Britain. It is cut off from the mainland by the tides twice a day.

This beach located off the coast of Northumberland, Holy Island has a castle and miles upon miles of white sands and rugged beaches and marvelous waters. You may want to visit the Tudor Castle and when hungry try one of the famous local crab sandwiches

Brighton Beach in the UK has a

Brighton Beach in the UK has a "Clothing Optional" section

Brighton Beach

The claim to fame of this beach is that they have a section for Nudists. But you can still enjoy this beach while using your swimsuits in another section. Brighton is a new city and is considered today the Gay Capital of the UK. It is very much frequented by a young crowd that flocks to this beach during weekends.

Sinclair’s Bay

Here we found a deserted beach, located in Caithness south of John O’Groats with soft sands of azure qualities. You will find a spot for you on this4 miles beach and once you find your spot, watch for whales out on the sea.


Locted in Cornwall this is a beach in the center of high cliffs and White Sea shells sands ideal for small children.

For more information visit United Kingdom Tourism Website

UK Map showing its beaches

UK Map showing its beaches

Saunton Sands

This is a sleeping village located near Braunton in North Devon features three miles of uninterrupted sands and great waters. It has become a haven for surfers.

While living or visiting the United Kingdom, in summer, you don’t have to fly to the Greek Islands or Costa del Sol for a day on the beach the UK beaches offer anyone can expect during the warm months.

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