Uruguay Beaches
A South American Treasure

Uruguay Beaches are a well kept secret in South America. People think about Punta del Este as the only beach in Uruguay, but you’ll be surprised on how many beautiful beaches you will find in this lovely country.

This is a small nation located in South America with the Giant Brazil on the north and Argentina in the south and west. Its coasts go from the Rio de la Plata to the South Atlantic Ocean.  Let us visit a few of the Beast Beaches in Uruguay.

Jose Ignacio Beach an elegant beach in Uruguay

Jose Ignacio Beach an elegant beach in Uruguay

Jose Ignacio

This was a sleepy fishermen village until more than a decade ago, when wealthy Uruguayans and Argentinians started to build elegant mansions and beach and country houses and all of a sudden, it was converted into a chick coastal resort visited by celebrities from around the world.

It is a beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean located 160 km from Montevideo and 36 km from Punta del Este.

Piriapolis Beach located in Rio de la Plata Uruguay

Piriapolis Beach located in Rio de la Plata Uruguay


This beach is located on the coast of Rio de la Plata and is one of the oldest organized beaches in Uruguay dating to the end of the 19th Century.

It features a 7 km long promenade with colonial buildings and the imposing architecture of Hotel Argentino. This beach is located 95 km from the Capital of Uruguay Montevideo.

As an attraction you may ride the cable car to the top of San Antonio Hill for a striking view of the coastline.

Uruguay Beaches

Punta del Diablo one of Uruguay Beaches near Brazil

Punta del Diablo one of Uruguay Beaches near Brazil

Punta del Diablo

This beach is located south of the Brazilian Border about 290 km from Montevideo. It has two facets, a busy beach with many tourists during summer and a heaven for surfers during winters. The waters of the open Atlantic Ocean contribute to incredible surf waves during that time. It is located near the “Parque Nacional Santa Teresa” if you are into Ecotourism.

Cabo Polonia

This an undeveloped beach, left like this on purpose. The Uruguayan Government has made all efforts to keep this stretch of beach like that. It is a rugged coastline backed by many sand dunes with beach shacks and inexpensive accommodation. Here you may watch the dolphins, whales, sea lions and other sea creatures. This is the place for those looking for solitude and a laid back atmosphere.

Bikini Beach

This beach is where you go to see beautiful people. It is a very trendy beach with lots of action in the afternoons and evenings. It is located near Punta del Este.

It is a well organized beach with volleyball court and classes of Yoga and Aerobics among others. In the evening you may want to stay and enjoy the music of the DJs and maybe go to the local La Barra Restaurant.

Map of Uruguay Beaches

Map of Uruguay Beaches

La Paloma Beaches

This is not a beach but a group of beaches known to be some of the best Uruguay Beaches.

  • Los Botes great for those into fishing in the Atlantic

  • Solari Beach is a surfer’s heaven. This beach attracts surfers from all over the world.

  • La Balconada frequented by a little older crowd who enjoy the nightlife on many restaurants and nightclubs.

  • El Cabito is the beach for the families with small children. The waters are calm and not so windy. In other words it is the perfect setting for families.

La Mansa Beach on the background Punta del Este Uruguay

La Mansa Beach on the background Punta del Este Uruguay

Punta del Este Uruguay

This is world renowned beach resort of Uruguay. It is a real beach metropolis with many hotels and condominiums. There are a few beaches to mention in Punta del Este.

La Brava and La Mansa

These two Beaches are located in Punta del Este and they actually are what they mean in Spanish, the brave one and the meek one. These are both sides of a peninsula with the Atlantic side being rough and brave ideal for surfing and the River side calm and ideal for swimming and sun bathing.

Punta del Este Uruguay a Top Beach Resort

Punta del Este Uruguay a Top Beach Resort

Other Beaches in Punta del Este include:

  • Englishman Beach is located next to the Punta del Este Port with soft sands, but the swimming here is considered dangerous.
  • Chiringo Beach a beach with thick sands and deep waters

  • El Emir Beach is a beach for experienced surfers. It is not recommended for the regular swimmer.

  • Chilean Beach the beach with an awe inspiring view of Punta del Este.

  • Manantiales Beach is a jetsetters beach with high surf

  • Montoya Beach is a well known beach for surfers.

  • Solanas Beach is a beach for families and those enjoying sand sports.

  • Las Grutas means the Caves. This beach has many caves to explore.

La Pedrera Uruguay

This is beach city with a few Beaches to mention, like El Desplayado and El Barco Beaches. They are pristine and beautiful beaches.

For more information visit Uruguay Tourism Board

Pocitos Beach in Montevideo Uruguay

Pocitos Beach in Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo the Capital of Uruguay

You don’t have to leave the capital city Montevideo to enjoy a few of Uruguay Beaches. Some examples are La Rambla Beach on the shoreline of Rio de la Plata. Los Pocitos Beach is a crowded city beach with all kind of sand and water sports.

Now you know the most important Uruguay Beaches. This is a lovely country that you may want to visit on your next South American trip.

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