Venezuela Beaches
On the Caribbean Sea

Venezuela Beaches are scattered for thousands of Km on the Caribbean Coast. Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America and its only coast is along the Tropical Caribbean Sea.

Some of its beaches are part of National Parks, but none of them are as crowded as those of the Caribbean Islands. Here are a few of the Top Beaches of Venezuela.

Playa La Galera on Margaita Island Venezuela

Playa La Galera on Margarita Island Venezuela

Margarita Island

This island is a tourist destination on its own. It is nicknamed “The Pearl of the Caribbean”. It is a hot spot for tourists from the mainland and the rest of the Caribbean.

The beaches of margarita are lie postcard images, mad of white powdery sand and surrounded by crystal clear waters. It is also renowned as a surfing destination attracting surfer from all over the world.

Playa El Agua on the east coast of the island is definitely the best with 5 km of palm fringed stretch of beach, featuring restaurants and bars. Here you will find any water sport imaginable.

On the north coast is Bahia Juangriego known for its sunsets and on the south Playa El Yaque is one of the top sports for surfing on the island.

The three main towns, Porlamar, Pampatar and La Asuncion offer many hotels and resorts on the beach.

The island has an international airport that caters to direct flights from North America and Europe and of course, from mainland Venezuela and the neighboring Caribbean Islands.

Los Roques Archipelago with the best Venezuela Beaches

Los Roques Archipelago with the best Venezuela Beaches

Los Roques Archipelago

This is an archipelago with some of the best Venezuela Beaches. The beaches here are of white powdery sands and crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and an array of water sports.

Since they can be reaches only by boat or small planes, the beaches here are seldom crowded. It is worth the effort of getting here for a few days, because there are all kinds of accommodations ranging from the mom and pop “Posadas” to elegant boutique hotels.

The waters of the archipelago feature dozens of coral reefs around the many islets. The main town where most of the people live is Gran Roque where you’ll find some restaurants.

Choroni Beach the most popular of Venezuela Beaches

Choroni Beach the most popular of Venezuela Beaches

  • Playa Grande Beach

    It is also known as Choroni Beach is one of the most popular Venezuela Beaches. Lush vegetation and golden soft sands make this beach a copy of Paradise. Getting there is by driving through the mountains through incredible scenery, arriving there makes for all the effort.

  • Playa Colorada

    The sands here are a deep golden shade making this a typical postcard image for Venezuela’s tourism industry and Travel Magazines. It is located on the heart of Mochima National Park. This is a dream beach for windsurfers due to is perfect wave conditions.

  • Puerto Piritu

    Be invited to more than six hundred km of golden sands and crystal blue waters. There are a few resorts and hotels to choose from and the people of the area are very hospitable. The coastal views here are awe inspiring.

Venezuela Beaches

The Cauca River leads to El Playon Beach with white sands

The Cauca River leads to El Playon Beach with white sands

  • El Playon Beach

    This beach begins with the Cauca River, a river that flows through the Venezuelan Amazon rain forest leading to a white sand beach. It is surrounded by a lush jungle.

  • Henry Pittier National Park

    This oldest national park of Venezuela is just 70 km of Caracas where the Caribbean Sea meets the slopes of the famous Andes Mountain Range of South America. What are special here are the many coves carved out of the hillside offering sites for special romantic getaways.

Morrocoy National Parks for all kinds of water sports

Morrocoy National Park for all kinds of water sports

  • Morrocoy National Park

    This is the place to be for all kinds of water sport such as swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more.

  • Adicora Beach

    It is located on the east face of the Paraguana Peninsula. It is known for great windsurfing and also kite surfing. People that get here climb the Santa Ana Hill.

  • Playa Medina

    Located on a former coconut plantation this beach is again, one of the most beautiful in Venezuela.

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