Vieques Beaches
Near the coast of Puerto Rico

Vieques Beaches are a well kept secret of the Caribbean. The Island of Vieques Puerto Rico is one of the Spanish Virgin Islands together with little sister Culebra Puerto Rico.

Both are integral part of Puerto Rico regarding nationality, language and customs. Therefore all born on the Island are US citizens by birth.

Corcho Beach is one of the beaches of Vieques Puerto Rico

Corcho Beach one of the beaches of Vieques Puerto Rico

Vieques La Isla Nena

Puerto Ricans have nicknamed it “La Isla Nena” or the girl island. It lies about 10 miles off the coast of mainland Puerto Rico, midway to St Thomas USVI, and next to its smaller sister island of Culebra. For 60 years since 1943, the US Navy had used the island for all kind of naval exercises and held a great part of its territory.

After years of pressure from local residents and many Puerto Ricans alike, the Navy finally left in 2003 and now the island is a heaven for tourists looking for underdeveloped and remote sites, far from tumultuous resorts and amount of people.

Sun Bay Beach Vieques

Sun Bay Beach Vieques

A Paradise of Puerto Rico

Vieques Puerto Rico is a little paradise, its waters are pristine and the attitude is a laid back one. Locals and many visitors alike want to keep it this way and resist any attempt from developers including the Puerto Rico government to change it.

The exotic beaches and crystal blue waters make it an idyllic place for Island Honeymoons, Caribbean Family vacations and couples just trying to find their Romantic Getaways.

The fortress of “El Fortin Conde de Mirasol” located in the town of Isabel Segunda constructed during Spanish Colonial rule holds the Vieques Museum of Art and History and the Vieques Archives. Open Wed-Sun 10am – 4 pm. The other town across the island is Esperanza.

Navio Beach on the Island of Vieques Puerto Rico

Navio Beach on the Island of Vieques Puerto Rico

Some of the Vieques Beaches are

  • Navio Beach is one of the favorites of Vieques Beaches by visitors and locals alike. The waves are moderates and it is a good beach for swimming body surfing and body boarding.

    This beach is surrounded by grape and coconut palms. Navio Beach is accesses by going through Sun Bay Park with a four by four vehicle if available.

  • Sun Bay Beach, locals call it Sombe, is located near Esperanza town. The Sun Bay Park features amenities like cafes and showers.

    The beach has a few sear grape and coconut palms as well as almond and quenepa trees. In summary this is a beautiful beach perfect for family reunions. This is the island’s “Balneario” or public beach with all the facilities you may expect
  • Playa del Corcho is also called Red Beach and Playa is one of the more popular beaches, there are gazebos lining the beach.

    To get to this beach you must cross through the US Fish and Wildlife Reserve which is open 6 AM to sunset. This beach is also called Playa Caracas.

Vieques Beaches

Esperanza Beach one of Vieques Beaches

Esperanza Beach one of Vieques Beaches

Vieques Beaches

  • Playa Grande is a large stretch of white sand with rough waters, great for strolling and sunbathing.

  • Playa del Cocal has soft waves and surrounded by coconut palms. Here you may encounter a few wild horses.
  • Media Luna is a shallow beach with powdery white sands. This is the place for total relaxation and letting your problems go away.
  • Blue Beach also called Playa Chiva is a secluded beach with exceptional snorkeling reefs around Cayo Chiva.
  • Green Beach or Punta Arenas is a peaceful, secluded shore with views of the Puerto Rico mainland.
  • Esperanza Beach is a beach with lots of marine life and great for snorkeling near the Old Sugar Pier and also very the tiny Key called Cayo Afuera. You may find stingrays, turtles, sardines and many other fish. Esperanza features a few restaurants along the beach.

Phosphorescent Mosquito Bay in Vieques

Phosphorescent Mosquito Bay in Vieques

  • Mosquito Bay is a phosphorescent one due a phenomenon caused by millions of a tiny form of marine life. This is something similar to the phenomenon experienced in La Parguera on the west of Puerto Rico.

  • Playa Negra is a black sand beach formed of volcanic sands

  • Blue Beach is an ideal site for snorkeling due to the immense amount of marine life in its waters.

  • Orchid Beach features deep blue waters and ideal for surfing.

For more information visit the Puerto Rico Tourism Website

It's easy to get from Puerto Rico to Vieques

It's easy to get from Puerto Rico to Vieques

Getting to Vieques

Getting to Vieques is easy. From San Juan International Airport the flight is about 20 minutes. Also there are some flights from St Croix and St Thomas USVI and from Fajardo Puerto Rico, located on the east coast of the main island.

You can get there from Fajardo Puerto Rico by ferry in about an hour. The Vieques ferry operates three times a day. For schedules call the Puerto Rico Port Authority Office at 800-981-2005

While visiting Puerto Rico, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Vieques Beaches for a couple of days or think of it for your next Caribbean Family Vacation.

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