Virgin Gorda BVI
British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda BVI is the third largest British Virgin Island , after Anegada Island and Tortola BVI. Its size is about 21 Sq Km or 8 sq miles. The main town is Spanish Town on the southwest. The name means “Fat Virgin”.

The legend says that Columbus named the island because it resembles a heavy woman lying on her back. This is a laid back island where everything is slow. But if you are an active tourist there are many activities to enjoy on the island besides sunbathing and swimming on its exotic beaches.

The Bath is the Best Beach on the Island

The Bath is the Best Beach on Virgin Gorda BVI

Virgin Gorda features some of the Best Caribbean Beaches surrounded by super deluxe resorts some of them accessible only by boat. You will also find that the island offers many restaurants that can satisfy the most demanding clients from all over the world.

The coasts of the island show the volcanic origin of the Virgin Islands. You may see dramatic slopes plunging into the clear waters, coming down from Virgin Peak. They form huge boulders of granite, forming many coves and grottoes for those looking for Romantic Getaways. If you are looking for your Best Beach Vacations this is the place.

The British Virgin Islands is an archipelago of about more than 30 islands. The largest are Anegada Island, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Tortola BVI . All of them are the perfect setting for Caribbean Family Vacations. Many families from the US mainland, Europe and other continents visit the islands on a regular basis.Virgin Gorda Villa Rental is very popular on the island.

It is referred as the sailing jewel of the Caribbean because many private yachts on their Caribbean Sailing Vacations arrive to Virgin Gorda BVI looking for those special beaches and coves to camp, spend the day and after a great meal in one of the restaurants, keep on their way to some of the other islands.

Virgin Gorda BVI

Many coves and bays on this beautiful island

Many coves and bays on Virgin Gorda BVI

Virgin Gorda Beaches

The beaches here are known as some of the best not only in the Caribbean but around the world. Sometimes I think that some of them were transported from the South Pacific and left on the Caribbean Sea.

Because the island is part of the British Territories there are no nude beaches available. All beaches are officially public, although some of them near the resorts are difficult to reach.

Savanah Bay on Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

Savanah Bay on Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

  • Mahoe Bay – This beach is great for Caribbean Snorkeling since it features two live reefs. It is a beautiful white beach surrounded by crystal clear waters.

  • Savannah Bay – Located north of Yacht Harbour, it features spectacular white sands. It is reached via Blowing Point’s southern entrance. It offers excellent snorkeling.

  • Spring Bay – This one is great for snorkeling, swimming and plain sunbathing accompanied by clear waters and powdered white sands.
  • The Baths – This is my favorite. There is a combination of white sands and giant granite boulders that form incredible romantic grottoes of salt water. To enjoy this beach I recommend coming early, because it can become quite busy later in the day.

For more information visit Virgin Gorda Tourism Website

Map of Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

Map of Virgin Gorda BVI

Virgin Gorda is the right place for Caribbean Weddings and as Honeymoon Destinations. Don’t miss this Paradise.

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