Xcaret Mexico
An Eco-Park for the Whole Family

We visited Xcaret Mexico on a cruise on Carnival Cruises. The ship docked in Cozumel and we took one of the excursions that included the ferry ride to Playa del Carmen and a visit to this magnificent Eco Park located on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera.

We made the right choice. Our visit was spectacular. We discovered a paradise that I want to share with you.

Aerial view of Xcaret Park in Mexico

Aerial view of Xcaret Park in Mexico

Location and concept

The park is located in the Mayan Riviera Mexico, south of Cancun and very soon after you pass Playa del Carmen. The name of Mayan origin is pronounced as “Shkaret”.

It was created on Mayan Ruins in order to promote love and respect for nature. The site meaning “small inlet” in Maya, was for thousands of years and important ceremonial center and port in the Yucatan Peninsula. Today it is a recreational park proud to show to visitors Mexico’s heritage and culture.

Xcaret Mexico

Many birds and rare animals in Xcaret

Many birds and rare animals in Xcaret

Getting there

Visitors arrive in many ways. On organized tours like we did, or individually using all kind of transportation like rental cars, taxi and buses that arrive here from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Once there you receive all maps and information.

The entrance fee is moderate just to cover the expenses of the park. I’d like to mention that Xcaret Mexico offers 100 free entrances every school day to kids from Quintana Roo’s school system. This shows their commitment to nature, Ecotourism and education.

Snorkeling is one of the best attractions in Xcaret Mexico

Snorkeling is one of the best attractions in Xcaret

Once inside the Park you'll enjoy:

Water, Flora and Fauna, Exhibitions and Tours

  • Underground river

I couldn’t believe that my wife and I swam about an hour in the cool waters and got all the way to the end. I have to accept that was thanks to the current and the life jackets they lent us.

  • Mexican Beaches

There are a few natural exotic beaches and inlets with white sand where you can just relax or swim.

  • Coral Reefs

For those interested in Caribbean Snorkeling here they have the opportunity to see the natural corals without being professional divers.

Xcaret Beaches on the Mexican Caribbean

Xcaret Beaches on the Mexican Caribbean

Flora and Fauna

  • Tapir Territory
  • Bee farm (Mayan style)
  • Bat cave
  • Butterfly pavilion
  • Deer Shelter
  • Jaguar Island
  • Spider Monkey Island
  • Orchids Greenhouse
  • Xcaret’s Bromeliads
  • Fish and Shrimp farm

There are many exhibitions like:

  • Archaeological Sites
  • Ancient Maya Cities
  • Mayan Village
  • Scenic Tower

And other extra performances during the day


It is much better to join one of the organized tours. The guides are superb and all licensed by Mexico’s Tourism Department. Space is limited.

I suggest you book your tour as soon as you arrive and pay your admission.

Swim as we did on the underground river of Xcaret

Swim as we did on the underground river of Xcaret


There are many shops throughout the park:

  • Main Plaza – Handicrafts from all over Mexico including black pottery from Oaxaca.

  • Souvenirs from the Aquarium

  • Assortment of saints crafted with the traditional Mexican style

  • All you need for your day at the beach

Typical Mexican Restaurant in Xcaret

Typical Mexican Restaurant in Xcaret

Are we hungry or thirsty?

There are many restaurants and bars with Mexican food. You have your choice of elegant and casual restaurants, breakfast areas. All with the traditional Mayan Food that we all like so much.

  • La Laguna
  • Gran Tlachco
  • Dos Playas
  • La Peninsula
  • La Caleta
  • La Cocina
  • La Orquidea
  • El Manglar

There are many celebrations going on all the time. If you come with a group from the ship, the time is restricted, but if you are staying anywhere in the Mayan Riviera , it is worth to come back on a second day visit.

By the way the entrance fee for the second day is half the price. No matter which way you arrive to Xcaret Mexico, don’t miss this once if a lifetime experience.

Visit Xcaret Website

Map of the Mayan Riviera showing the location of Xcaret

Map of the Mayan Riviera showing the location of Xcaret

Image Credits:

All courtesy of Xcaret Park

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