Beaches of Zakynthos Greece

Zakynthos Greece, called also Zante by the Italians is an island of the south Ionian Islands. Its capital and major hub is the town of Zakynthos. Popular beaches like Agios Nikolaos, Alykanas and Tsilivi offer swimming and water sports.

The island is full of massive cliffs as well as green flay lands. It offers beautiful beaches of which some are reached only by sea.

The beaches are divided into three groups, Western Coast, Eastern Coast and Turtle Bay.

Navagio or Shipwreck Beach is the # 1 in Zakynthos Greece

Navagio or Shipwreck Beach is the # 1 in Zakynthos Greece

Western coast Beaches

Navagio Beach

Also called Shipwreck Beach is the most photographed beach in the Greek Islands. Watching it from the cliff is spectacular, but you can reach it only by boat, it is visited by many boats arriving with visitors due to is fame of exotic rocks and clear waters and great surroundings.

It is close to Anafotiria village. The name comes from a ship that sank and was washed ashore back in 1983. By now it is almost covered by sand and just a part is seen emerging from it.


To reach this beach you have to pass the Agalas village. From there the road will take you to a large parking lot with a great view. A small pass through the rocks will take you to the sea for a magnificent swim on clear waters.

Porto Stenitis

This is a large fjord with many caves along the coast and clear waters. The beach has no facilities for tourists, but the waters are considered the best on the island. It is a docking port just for small fishing boats.

Porto Vromi in form of a fjord is amazing

Porto Vromi in form of a fjord is amazing

Porto Vromi      

This is another fjord located on the northwest of the island with two beaches reachable by road. This is the departure port for the famous Navagio Beach. Its beaches are small and offer no facilities.

Porto Roxa         

This is an easy beach to access by car near the village of Agios Leon. This is a small fjord offering great possibilities for swimming in a crystal clear sea. You can also get here by boat from Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas

It is located on a hidden cove passing the village of Agios Leon that can be reached by car.

From there getting down a few steps carved in the rock, you reach a real fjord amazing the visitor for the clearness and colors of the waters.                              

Zakynthos Greece

Makris Gialos on Zakynthos' Eastern Coast

Makris Gialos on Zakynthos' Eastern Coast

Eastern Coast Beaches

Makris Gialos   

Just arriving by car you’ll be amazed by the beautiful landscape. This is a wide beach which combines sand and pebbles.

This part of the island offers endless opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving due to the abundance of marine life.

There are some underwater caves where you will discover a world of corals and starfish.

Located 32 km northwest of Zakynthos Town, it owns its name to a small chapel that can be seen on the left of the beach. 


The beach is small and with few visitors. Its main attraction is a marine cave with a sulfur spring extremely good for the skin. The only problem is the strong smell of sulfur coming from the cave

Alykanas is a white sand and crystal clear waters beach

Alykanas is a white sand and crystal clear waters beach


It is located a few km from Alykes and is less crowded. The sandy beach is a continuation of Alykes offering the same crystal clear waters. This beach has full facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds


This beach is located in front of the village with the same name. It is a long sand beach. It is ideal for swimming and sunbathing besides being equipped by many water sports facilities and snack bars.

It is located 18 km northwest of the capital of Zakynthos and took its name from the salt pits called alykes in Greek.  Those salt pits used to be the main source of income and wealth of the islanders.

In the road that crosses the town the visitor will find many restaurants, bars and souvenir stores, as well as many accommodations.


It is located between Alykes and Tsilivi, consisting of a small harbor with form of an amphitheater which slides mildly into the sea.  It is a sand and pebbles beach sliding down mildly into the sea. It offers umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. It is a quiet beach with the exception of July and August.

Tsilivi is one of the most popular beaches in Zakynthos Greece

Tsilivi is one of the most popular beaches in Zakynthos Greece

Tsilivi Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Zakynthos Greece. It is a long tongue of sand. In the same gulf there another few small beaches. They all offer an array of facilities for sports, water scooters and pedalos for rent, and of course many restaurants, bars, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Porto Zoro         

Tis a sandy beach with all facilities. Its main attraction are the rocks near the coast in the form of mushrooms. It has an area of grass behind the beach great for sunbathing and relaxing


It is a long tongue that seems to never end. It is the longest beach on the island. It is far from villages and well equipped for tourists. It features refreshment area.       It is the longest beach of the island.


It is a small and quiet beach with no water sports facilities, but you can rent sunbeds and umbrella.

Walking along the beach you may see small god statues on the rocks a close to the water.

Kalamaki is a gorgeous beach in Turtle Bay in Zakynthos Greece

Kalamaki is a gorgeous beach in Turtle Bay in Zakynthos Greece

Turtles Bay Beaches


This is a beautiful beach where you’ll see as the mountains drop direct to the sea. It is crowded in the section close to the hotels, but keep going and you’ll find it is less crowded and very relaxing.

This sandy beach is close to the airport and is part of the National Marine Park

Capo Marathia

Located at the far end of the marine park. It is a great beach for snorkeling and diving since the amount of fish is remarkable. There are kiosks for refreshments and the renting of sunbeds and umbrellas.

Please visit Greece Tourism Website

Laganas beach offer many facilities for visitors

Laganas beach offer many facilities for visitors


This is a long stretch of sandy beach full of restaurants, snack bars offering all facilities for the visitors.

It is an important meeting point for locals and visitors alike. The water is always clean and clear and offers many sport facilities.


The waters here are the warmest on the island 27° and 30°C and being a protected beach it doesn’t offer tourists facilities, but they do have a few taverns.

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navagio by nature wallpaper
porto vromi christianos
makris galios n/a
alykanas by badgenet
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kalaamaki n/a
laganas by styhanos marinos

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Map of Zakynthos Greece

Map of Zakynthos Greece

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