Zanzibar Beaches
Exotic and Tropical

Zanzibar Beaches are considered among the Beach connoisseurs as some of the most beautiful on the planet. They may be compared with those in the South Pacific or the Caribbean.

Zanzibar, nicknamed the "Spice Island" is developing its tourist industry at a fast pace especially due to the sad developments in Kenya that have chased the tourists away to other parts of Africa mainly to Tanzania. The beaches are mainly scattered along the north and south eastern coasts.

Map of Zanzibar

Map of Zanzibar near the southeastern coast of Africa

KARIBU means Welcome in the Swahili language. Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands 25 Km from the mainland of Tanzania. Actually they were two different countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, that merged into one important country called Tanzania, located on the southeastern coast of Africa. The Capital of Tanzania is Dar Es Salaam.

Here we are concentrating on the beaches on the main Island Zanzibar. The main island is called Unguja, but is mostly referred as Zanzibar and the smaller one is Pemba island. The rest are small uninhabited islets.

Nungwi Beach one of the top beaches of Zanzibar

Nungwi Beach one of the top beaches of Zanzibar

Zanzibar beaches

Nungwi Beach

This area on the northern tip of the island has been until a few decades ago a sleepy fishing village. Since then it has changed beyond recognition with many hotels and guest houses that try to accommodate the flow of tourists.

East Nungwi is the calmer side of the beach with a laid back atmosphere and a few inexpensive lodges a couple of top hotels.

West Nungwi is a busy center for backpackers including many bars catering this type of crowd.

Jambiani Beach

After a busy Safari on the mainland of Tanzania, this beach is the perfect relaxing spot. Here you have a choice of B&B hotels alongside very elegant ones. The great advantage that this beach is away from the action and you and your party will enjoy the quiet you are longing for.

The sands are spectacularly white and the waters a clear turquoise.

Zanzibar Beaches

The Private island of Mnemba in Zanzibar

The Private island of Mnemba in Zanzibar

Mnemba Beaches

Mnemba is a private island part of the Zanzibar archipelago. It is world renowned for its great snorkeling on gorgeous reefs full of impressive marine life. You may also watch the whales the dolphins and the sharks. The island has only 10 cottages that make the Mnemba Island Lodge.


This beach north of Page is a sleepy village, which doesn’t have the best beach environment, but this beach has a particular beauty with swaying palm trees.

For more information visit Zanzibar Tourism

Kendwa Beach is one of the popular beaches in Zanzibar

Kendwa Beach is one of the popular beaches in Zanzibar


This beach one of the favorites in Zanzibar is located within walking distance of Nungwi. It is more laid back than the latter, perfect for the lazy ones like myself.


Another spot on the northern coast, this beach made of pure white sands has attracted a few important hotels to its shore. Here you will enjoy the real Zanzibar peace.

Paje Beach in Zanzibar is a typical tropical beach

Paje Beach in Zanzibar is a typical tropical beach

Paje Beach

Located on the southeast this is a popular beach for swimming, walking and just relaxing. It is also known to be the perfect place on the island for Scuba Diving.

The entire Island of Zanzibar is filled with a magical enchantment. No matter which beach you choose, the success of your trip is guaranteed.

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